Guide and location cheese Lord of Blood Elden Ring Mohg

Mohg Lord of Blood is a tough boss fight Elden Ring and here’s how to find his location along with tips on how to make cheese.

This is an optional boss battle so you don’t have to topple the giant chicken to complete the story. Still, it’s worth beating all the optional bosses in the game for runes as well as simply for bragging.

It drops 420,000 runes when toppling, but you need to find out his whereabouts first.

Where is the location of the Mohg Lord of Blood in the Elden Ring?

The location where you will find the Mohg Lord of Blood Elden Ring is at Mohgwyn Palace.

You will need the Halitree Medal used to find Melania in order to participate in this boss fight. Provided you have the required medals, just use the Grand Lift of Rold in Leyndell, Royal Capitol.

This will take you to Snowfield Consecrated. There you will find a portal marked on the map above.

The area isn’t too big and you’ll encounter boss fights when you reach the end of the optional area. Payment procedures Mattie-LOLYouTube video of a visual guide on how to walk through Mohgwyn Palace.

Elden Rings | Live Action Trailer



Elden Rings | Live Action Trailer





Three Player Invasion

In addition to getting the Halitree Medal, you can also get to Mohgwyn Palace by successfully infiltrating three players.

This method requires you to talk to an NPC named White-Faced Varre located at the Rose Church. You can unlock his quest by talking to him after you’ve captured Grodrick, The Grafted.

He will give you three Festering Bloody Fingers. He asks you to successfully infiltrate the world of three players and kill them. This will allow you to get the Order of the Thoroughbred Knights to get to Mohgwyn Palace.

How to Cheese Mohg Lord of Blood in Elden Ring

Elden Ring players discovered a glitch that allowed them to flaunt their fight against the Mohg boss Lord of Blood.

First you need to die at the hands of optional enemies. This will result in a wall of fog the next time you want to face him.

When you die, choose to respawn at Marika State. Once you’ve revived, look to the right and start jumping over the tombstones and pillars. You will need to take off all your armor and weapons to do this successfully.

Once you’re on the top pole, sprint to jump over the ledge. It might take you a few tries to hit the jump.

After successfully climbing the cliff, you will be able to confront the Mohg Lord of Blood without going through the fog wall. Re-equip all your gear and just kill him while he’s just standing there.

This cheese tutorial is powered by YouTuber Karpo Gaming. We will update this article if the issue is fixed.

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