Guide to false positive DMZ missions

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The new Crown Faction offers a variety of missions for players to complete in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ. One of the Tier 3 missions, False Alarm, requires you to summon exfil choppers at all three exfil points on the map and then use the last exfil to extract. Here are tips on how to easily and hopefully complete this challenge on the first try.

How to complete the false alarm mission in the DMZ

  • Signal all 3 Exfils in Al Mazrah in one mission.
  • Extract the last exfil in the same deployment.

How to signal all exfils

Three Exfil Points (Picture by Pro Game Guides)

This mission requires you to enter a DMZ match on the Al Mazrah map. Each player’s tac cards have three randomly assigned exfil points marked on them that can be used to extract. Your goal here is to go to all of these points and just call the Exfil Helicopter. You will be prompted to call the helicopter as you approach the green smoke marker.

If another player has already called the Extraction Helicopter, you will see a green flare in the sky instead of the green smoke on the ground. If that’s the case, you’ll have to wait, preferably some distance away, for the enemy squad to fill up or the chopper to pull away, and then call the heli yourself. Do this and move on to the next exfil point you haven’t visited yet.

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How to extract the last exfil

After calling the three exfils on the Chopper map, you must wait for the 25-minute timer for the match to end. After that, the radiative zone begins to expand, engulfing the exfil points one by one. Once the third and farthest exile from the radiation zone becomes inactive, a final exile point will be marked on your TAC map. You must go to the last exfil chopper and evacuate from the DMZ to complete the second task and therefore the false alarm mission.

However, boarding and surviving the final exile might not be as easy as it sounds. There may be some other enemy squads on the map trying to do the same. Therefore, you may have to fight them or convince them to join you. Also, if you want to guess where the final exfil might be, you can do so by drawing a line from the radiation zone to the farthest of the three exfils (see map image above). Wherever the line ends on the map, that area, or somewhere nearby, has a high chance of being the final evacuation point. That way you can get there first and secure it.

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