Half-wedge shot into the wind? Do this to strike like a pro

It is one of the more difficult shots in golf. Here’s how to master it.

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Regardless of the weather conditions, hitting the half-wedge shot into the green is extremely important. However, it becomes particularly difficult if you play it against the wind.

The ability to fly the wedge and control both trajectory and spin is crucial and does not come naturally to the amateur player.

But there are ways to hit the half-wedge shot into the wind like a pro—you just need to know a few key steps before you even address your ball.

How to master the half-wedge shot into the wind

Below I will introduce some important things that you should keep in mind in order to successfully execute the half wedge shot. By applying them to your game, you will become a master at handling this difficult situation.


1. Connect and set your setup

As you set up, be sure to position the ball in the middle of your stance and maintain a consistent shoulder tilt with the shaft only slightly tilted forward.

Remember to raise the racket by 1-2 rackets as this will immediately help you break through the desired trajectory window and is crucial to ensuring you don’t take too much momentum.


2. Keep your weight forward

Start with more weight on the front as this will remind you to shift more weight forward on the downswing.

On the backswing, when the lead arm is parallel to the ground, this is the point in the swing where you must begin to shift your weight back onto your lead foot.

When you feel your weight moving forward, throw this punch with a flat wrist position. This will help you take some of the loft out of the club.


3. Use a three-quarter finish

The half-wedge shot is a shot that you hit primarily with your body and rotation – so your hands and arms are very passive at impact.

But even after the impact, your job isn’t quite done. So keep moving the weight forward and make sure you stay within your three-quarter target.

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