Harry Caray hologram in MLB .’s Field of Dreams game

What is your favorite planet? Mine is the sun!

What is your favorite planet? Mine is the sun!
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Overall, the game Field of Dreams is okay. Perhaps teams should be “flexible” on it throughout the season, so you don’t end up with two Quad-A rosters in a regular-season game that MLB brings to the network at peak hour. Though if you’re trying to introduce baseball in 2022, definitely having two teams that have chosen to play dog ​​to increase profits is the best way to do it.

Still, it’s a great visual, and this year seems to go a little further than the film itself and beyond to celebrate what the film is supposed to really stand out for, which is soccer. The baseball connection family had, and probably still is, among all of us fans. Other sports now clearly have that generational connection, but none has been as deeply ingrained in the culture as baseball. It’s a great thing to celebrate, and having the Griffeys out there is a step up from Kevin Costner wandering aimlessly around the fields trying to remember if he’s in this movie or not.

I’ve always thought that baseball should do a better job of capturing no matter how uncool it was, it would always stand out from what’s popular today, and it was the exact antithesis of the culture of the time period. our short attention like. Sure, there are interesting things in the game that need to be highlighted – Edwin Diaz’s entrance or Javy Baez card or Aaron Judge hitting a ball into Quebec – but baseball overall isn’t great and probably never will be. yes. And that’s fine! They should rely on it, and the Field of Dreams game feels like they’re doing just that. The movie is definitely not good, I’m not even sure it’s good. But there’s value in being a dork.

However, everyone will talk about the Harry Caray hologram appearing in the seventh inning, even though it doesn’t look like Harry at all and the whole hologram is a scary and cheap thing in… something ? Nostalgia? It all feels like Ian Malcolm once again tells us, “You’ve been so preoccupied with whether you can or if you can, you haven’t stopped to think about whether you should or not. ” The Cubs have been playing the Harry lead video for years, and it’s far more effective than Fred Mertz or Seinfeld’s father just kind of there.

Besides, as any Cubs fan will tell you, Harry isn’t singing this whole thing in a noisy jacket. He wears a short-sleeve shirt, sweats profusely and usually sweats whatever he observes until 5 a.m., swinging the mic from side to side to command and you never know. now absolutely certain that today is the day he doesn’t fall right out of the stall. We are all certain that will happen. If we were going to project a hologram of Harry anywhere, it would be at Rush St.

I’ll exit with my favorite Harry story, because it’s personal. My father worked in advertising for decades here in town, and once recorded a radio station with Harry while he was broadcasting the White Sox. They planned to record his voiceover one day before the match, except that it was pouring from morning to afternoon. It was clear that the match that day would not be played. And Harry knew that meant that as soon as he finished the position, he could hug it to the bars he probably just left.

As a professional, Harry gave my father and the producers more reading than was acceptable, maybe even twice, and as my father recounts, as soon as he finished speaking, he turned to his father. me and with cocaine speed said, “Hey GeorgewasthatgoodenoughIcandoitagainifyouneedbutifthatwasgoodenoughit” good enough for me…. ‘ Dad barely had time to loosen up and let Harry go before there was a cloud of Caray in the booth as he darted out of there and into his car.

Now it’s Harry that I want a hologram.

https://deadspin.com/they-could-have-at-least-made-hologram-harry-drunk-off-1849404757 Harry Caray hologram in MLB .’s Field of Dreams game

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