Has Aaron Rodgers seen a ‘hat man’ holding a dead rabbit on ayahuasca?


Soccer player Aaron Rodgers described seeing a shadowy “hat man” during ayahuasca trips in Peru, saying, “He will sometimes appear in the distance, usually veiled in darkness, carrying the corpse of a dead rabbit, and sometimes wielding a blade.” ”


Labeled as satire

On January 16, 2023, a viral Reddit post claimed that soccer player Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t stop talking about a “hat man” he met on an ayahuasca trip in Peru. The post pulled the story from an August 2022 Wisconsin News Today Article claiming Rodgers had seen this number for a number of years:

Not much is known about the mysterious “hat man,” except that Aaron Rodgers first saw the shadowy figure after his ayahuasca trips in Peru during the 2020 and 2022 off-seasons. Says Aaron

“Sometimes he will appear in the distance usually shrouded in darkness, holding the corpse of a dead rabbit and sometimes a blade.”

Teammates are concerned for the quarterback, who now fears being alone in the locker room after claiming the lights “started flickering and going out one by one.” He continued.

“It was behind me, not even breathing heavily. I heard his feet hit the ground in a constant rhythm. I ran to my car, opened the door, slammed it behind me and locked it as fast as I could.”

This claim is fictitious because it comes from a website that states “about usPage: “We hope you find our content as productive and thought-provoking as it is absurd and outrageous.”

the Twitter account for Wisconsin News Today also states that it is a “satirical news site dedicated to bringing you unbiased breaking news”.

The site even reposted a TikTok video on Facebook, which also appeared (with a wink) to take the story at face value. They wrote: “It’s good to see that people on Tik Tok are taking our Hat Man story seriously. This is no joke. Please be careful out there.”

Rodgers has spoken out in real life about his ayahuasca use in the pastsaying his ego dissolved from the experience.

“There’s a lot of trust,” he said men health in December 2022 about the process of consuming the hallucinogenic tea. “And dedication, I think, is another good word. You have to surrender to the plant master ayahuasca, and of course there is some fear involved. And when you do that, some pretty incredible things can happen, as evidenced by night two of my most recent trip. The first night I was still a bit recalcitrant, and the second night I gave myself completely to the process and to the master teacher, and she was benevolent in her teaching. There is a lot of general happiness that exists when you have a deeper love for yourself. I feel like it actually allows you to give and receive love better and interact with people of less judgment and less projection. So that’s something I’ve really been working on.

This isn’t the first satirical article on Wisconsin News Today about Rodgers. On January 9, 2023, the site claimed that Rodgers blamed the “Hat Man” for a lost football game.

“I kept throwing the ball to the hat man, it was always wide open and soaring high above the other players, it was so scary I just had to do it,” they claim.

Again, Wisconsin News Today describes its content as satirical.


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