Heather Aldret Called ‘Survival’ Casting Director On Her ‘Invisible Editing’

Heather Aldret on "Survivor 41"


Heather Aldret in “Survivor 41”

Heather Aldret made it to the final four on “Survivor 41”, but many fans were overwhelmed with the stay-at-home mom arc on the show. Heather gets what fans call “Hidden Edit.” Her screen time was sparse and CBS didn’t take the time to explore Heather’s background, which many fans felt was a missed opportunity.

Heather’s shining moment has finally come in the last episode of the season when she faced off against 26-year-old Deshawn Radden for a spot in three finals. The rules of the game are very simple, the first player who can make a fire big enough to pierce the rope will advance to the last three. The competition was fierce, Heather and Deshawn were neck-and-neck all the way, but in the end, Deshawn prevailed. Despite Heather’s loss, the contest changed viewers’ perception of her and left fans wondering if the 52-year-old received an unfair correction.

Heather agrees with fans that she received a terrible edit, so the South Carolina native decided to take matters into her own hands.

Heather Named ‘Survivor’ Casting Director

Heather spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her “invisible editing” and revealed that she called the “Survivor” casting director for an explanation.

She told Entertainment Weekly in December 2021 that she felt “a multitude of emotions” watching the show and realizing how limited her device time was.

“I actually called [casting director Jesse Tannenbaum] and I was like ‘Jesse, I need an honest answer. I can handle it. I am a big girl. We are always honest with each other. What did I do wrong? Am I punished? ‘ Heather said in the interview.

Jesse reassures Heather that the edit has nothing to do with the threat against her. He explained that the first half of the season was mostly about castaways that had the advantage, and Heather wasn’t in that group.

Heather told the publication she was happy to hear her editing wasn’t due to her actions on the show but admitted she was disappointed she didn’t get to appear more.

Jesse’s explanation didn’t silence fans who had rallied after Heather on Twitter, calling out the producers for her “disrespectful editing” of the show. One Twitter user wrote, “Considering where Heather is right now, SPECIAL, [with] how did she do it? [with] fire, it’s EXTREMELY disrespectful to her and her family to give her that absolutely horrible edit this season. [Especially] based on the jury’s response when Xander said they considered her a goat. ” Another fan chatting, wrote, “In the end, there’s absolutely no point and no excuse for Heather’s weird editing. They just decided that Jeff should get her share of the confessionals. “

Heather on her Bond with Erika

Heather forms a close relationship with Winner “Survivor 41” Erika Casupanan open season. The two stick together because it feels like children surrounded by alphas with strong personalities. Heather talks about her relationship with Erika in one December 2021 interview with Parade.

“I think it just started on the beach one day. We realized that we were at the bottom of Luvu; we were excluded from the conversation,” she told the outlet. Heather says she and Erika quickly noticed that their tribe members Danny, Deshawn, Naseer and Sydney were working together, so they agreed to help each other in the game.

“Four other people would meet and talk and just be friendly with each other and not include us in it. And it was not done on purpose. But we know that we must not partake in fun and games. And so we felt a bit left out,” Heather told Parade. “

Heather says that her relationship with Erika only became stronger after Erika’s return from Exile Island. She revealed that her care for Erika when she was no longer made her realize what their relationship has become.

“When she was taken to Exile, I think it was a big deal for us,” Heather told the publication. “I used to worry for her because she didn’t have the skills to go out there. And my heart breaks to see her leave. When she came back, and I heard how much she suffered from it – so much was left unsaid – I was so proud of her. And I think that’s what connected us.”

Season 42 of “Survivor” will air in the spring of 2022.

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