Hell Let Loose console update release time and patch notes

The new hell break up The console update arrives this week, bringing PS5 and Xbox Series X gamers closer to PC gamers.

Early patch notes have also been shared, meaning we know when the new expansion will be released and what to expect in terms of changes.

The team behind the hit WW2 shooter also explained some of the reasons behind the new content coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X this week, including details on the inclusion of the Soviet expansion previously released for PC.

Here’s what we know so far about this week’s big hell break up Console update for PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

let go of hell | outflank update



let go of hell | outflank update






Hell Let Loose console update release time and patch notes

Developer Black Matter Pty has confirmed The new Hell Let Loose Console update for PS5 and Xbox Series X will be released on Tuesday, May 17th at 12:00pm BST/7:00am EST on both platforms. Fans will need to install the new patch before being able to access live games again, and there will be plenty of new content to try out.

The goal of this new update is to bring Hell Let Loose on console in line with the PC experience, meaning Soviet conflict content will go live this week. This team has explained their reasons for not cutting this due to current world events and released a new statement adding:
“Because of this reasoning – that the defeat of the Nazi war machine by the Soviet Union is in no way comparable to the modern conflict and that it is technically crucial for us to reconcile both versions, we will release the Soviet content on console. However, given the sensitivity of the current conflict, we refrain from marketing the update in the usual way.”

Overall, the new console update aims to add seven new maps to the game alongside 17 weapons, five roles and nine vehicles. And that’s just the highlights, while the latest patch includes many other things. The full Hell Let Loose Console Update patch notes have already been released and are listed below:

Hell Let Loose PS5 and Xbox Patch Notes


  • Stalingrad
  • Kursk
  • Sainte Marie du Mont v2 (replaces SMDM v1)
  • Foy US offensive
  • Hill 400 GER Offensive
  • Purple Heart Lane (Rain) GER Offensive
  • Carentan GER Offensive


  • PPSh-41
  • PPSh-41 with drum
  • SVT-40
  • Mosin Nagant 1891
  • Mosin Nagant M38
  • Mosin Nagant 91/30
  • DP-27
  • Mosin Nagant 91/30 with telescopic sight
  • SVT-40 with telescopic sight
  • Nagant M1895
  • Tokarev TT33
  • PTRS-41
  • ZiS-2
  • MPL-50 spade
  • M97 trench gun
  • FG42
  • FG42 scope (4x)


  • RG-42 grenade
  • RDG-2 smoke grenade
  • Pomz AP mine
  • TM-35AT mine
  • Satchel Load (SOV)


  • RKKA 8×40 binoculars
  • clock (SOV)
  • Revive (SOV)
  • Association (SOV)
  • Wrench (SOV)
  • Hammer (SOV)
  • blowtorch (SOV)
  • Deliveries (SOV)
  • Medical Supply (SOV)
  • Small Ammo Box (SOV)
  • Explosive Ammo Box (SOV)


  • Soviet versions of all existing roles (in game & barracks)
  • US Assault – Veteran (In-Game & Barracks)
  • GER Autoshooter – Paratroopers (In-Game & Barracks)
  • GER Sniper – Veteran (In-Game & Barracks)
  • Anti tank loadouts shuffled around.
    • New load order: Standard Issue, Gun Crew, Ambusher.
    • Old order: Standard Issue, Ambusher, Gun Crew.


  • T34 Medium Tank (SOV)
  • Heavy Tank IS-1 (SOV)
  • ZiS-5 transport vehicle (SOV)
  • ZiS-5 Supply Van (SOV)
  • BA10 Reconnaissance Vehicle (SOV)
  • M3 half-track (SOV)
  • Replace Panther with Panzer IV Medium Tank (GER).
  • M3 Halftrack (USA)
  • Sd.Kfz.251 Halftrack (GER)

Commander Skills:

  • Strike by Katyusha
  • Spawn Halftrack
  • USA – Light and medium tanks can now be spawned.
  • English – Light Tank can now be spawned.
  • Resource changes to all Commander abilities.
  • Final score removed.

User interface:

  • Set to Soviet backdrop – front end
  • Enable Soviet music tracks
  • Update IIS to soviet key art
  • Added new maps to the Field Manual
  • Add console-specific text updates to the field manual


  • Defenders of the Motherland – Play 5 matches on Stalingrad.
  • To the Village of my Babushka – Play 5 matches on Kursk.

DLC Uniforms (Platform Holder Store & In-Game):

  • Tropic Fever – US Cosmetics DLC
  • Hot Drop – US Cosmetics DLC
  • False Front – German cosmetic DLC


  • Debug text / missing command button prompt in Russian language field manual present.
  • The game will be softlocked after resigning as Commander at the “Leave Server” prompt
  • No vote confirmation when a player votes to punish their team killer
  • The FPS drop occurs when tanks shoot at each other
  • Above the button on the map are prompts for non-working buttons
  • The game stops registering some controller inputs during gameplay
  • The radial menu does not close after releasing the button in most vehicles
  • Pausing the title while loading into a map will cause the game to crash or close
  • The “Take over and back” prompt in the in-game options is not localized
  • The player can use RB/R1 to equip items they have run out of
  • Disabling adaptive triggers and restarting the game shows that the trigger is still adaptive and the setting is still disabled
  • The “B” or “O” button to close the Personal Stats page does not work on the post-game scoreboard
  • Two functions mapped to the same button on the post-game scoreboard
  • T17 overlay tab “Recently Played With” not updating after blocking the player
  • Leaving the Commander role causes the player to lose a little concentration
  • Axis reverse controls do not work when using an anti-tank gun
  • The player receives a network error message when initiating matchmaking immediately after canceling
  • Noticeable LOD transitions for sandbags
  • The number of airhead spawns increases continuously until the airhead disappears
  • [Carentan] The player can clip through a hedge and shoot
  • The host crashes on IIS after performing a LAN disconnect during an in-game party.
  • Indicator option “Key” and description of the units are not translated correctly.
  • VoIP exploit on consoles

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https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2022/05/16/hell-let-loose-console-update-release-time-patch-notes/ Hell Let Loose console update release time and patch notes

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