Hero Cantare Hero Ranking

Hero Cantare is a mobile RPG based on the anime Tower of God. This game has gatcha characteristics, which means that you have a wide range of heroes at your disposal. Each hero has unique abilities, so finding the right combo for each battle can be a challenge. We’ll help you in your quest with the Hero Cantare hero rankings so you know what to expect from each character.

Ranking of all heroes in Hero Cantare

level characters
ss Black-March Bam, Chloris, Crusade Mira Yoo, God-Killer Zero, Greatsword Warrior Sora, Green-April Yuri Ha, Idol Rockcrawler, Jinsung Ha, Jue Viole Grace, Kaiser, King Dark,
No-Name, Prime King Uma, Pure Green Arin, Q, Queen No-Name, Raskreia, Sujin Lee, Unleashed Raizel, Yeon Flame Khun, Yeons Flame Khun, Yopi
S Armes, Casey, Elaine, Endorsi, Heavenly Warlord, Hilda, Mame Shiba Daisy, Manjin Sang, Maschenny, Master Pooh Upooh, Urek Mazino, Valentine Endorsi, Valkyrie, White, Yuri Ha
A Bam, Charlotte, Clan Leader Seira, D.Jahad, D.Maschenny, Daewi Han, Frankenstein, Ilpyo Park, Lime, Max Level Warrior, Muzaka, Nine-Tails Ilpyo Park, Phantom Thief Liddie, Raizel, Rak Wratraiser, Seira, Sujin Lee & Rak , White Albelda, Witch of the West, Mira Yoo, Zero
B Arin, Choco Bibi, D.Khun Eduan, Haetae, Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Heart Heater, Hwaryun,
Jade Emperor Daewi Han, Khun Aguero, King Uma, M-21, Mira Yoo, Mori Jin, Pooh Upooh, Rockcrawler, Sora, Taek Jegal, the King
C Argyll, Chi Chi, Chi Pong, Claude, Curtis, Daisy, Flora, Jack, Liddie, Light, Lunark, Odette

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Best Support Heroes in Hero Cantare

No name

  • Although she doesn’t actually have a name, she is one of the best supporting characters in Hero Cantare. She has fantastic area of ​​effect like spells Captain’s flag and Victorious Voyagee.

Yeon’s Flame Khun

  • Yeon’s Flame Khun has spells that combine buffs and debuffs, but his most significant ability is ally revive. Some of his best skills are flame bird, Yon’s Flame: Eruptionand ignition.

Best Tank Heroes in Hero Cantare

Green-April Yuri Ha

  • Green-April Yuri Ha can become invincible for a turn, making her a perfect defender. She’s also great at stacking damage, but that means it takes her some time to deal massive damage. She uses skills like 13 months (AoE Attack), The Anglerand Needle Attack: Black Marsh.

Sujin Lee

  • Sujin Lee is at her best when taunting enemies to make them take damage and protect others. She is not a very strong attacker and there is no need for her to be like that with defensive skills Pandora’s Secret Arts, Taboo Power Sealand Release Pandora.

Best damage dealer heroes in Hero Cantare


  • It’s always good to have a damage dealer in your party, especially when you can deal massive damage to everyone. If you need significant AoE attacks, Hilda is your best bet with skills like Poisonous drug, dimension gateand shadow kick.

Idol Rockcrawler

  • Idol Rockcrawler is all about dealing critical damage. She doesn’t care about her safety, so protect her well. skills like Catch this heart!, moment to shineand I get you! will destroy even the strongest opponents.

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