Hero Rank List of ZIO and The Magic Scrolls (January 2022)

Looking for ZIO and the list of Magic Scrolls tiers that rank the game’s best heroes? Well, you need look no further than this article. Here, we will rank all the heroes of the game in different tiers, right from tier S to B. Here, tier S represents the best characters in the game. Likewise, tier B has the worst and least recommended characters from Zio and Magic Scrolls. You can use this list to help choose the best and most useful heroes the next time you play the game.

ZIO And The Magic Best Hero List Scroll (January 2022)


S-Class Heroes in ZIO and Magic Scrolls

As we mentioned earlier, the S tier on this ZIO and Magic Scrolls Heroes list features the best and most recommended characters from the game. These characters offer the best skills in all areas of the game, giving you a higher chance of winning.

S Exavius ​​(Fire Dragon)
S Zio (Magic Scroll Merchant)
S Petnak (Priest of Time and Vengeance)
S Diogoram (Green Dragon)
S Kueno (Pilgrim serving Geistraja)
S Michel (Elite Warlock)
S Kenta (King of Centaurs)
S Gallistos (Black Dragon)
S Won (Pilgrim serving Walchebo)
S Bono (The Pilgrim of Rulus)
S Hracas (Demon King)
S White (Sun God)
S Muzel (Angel Rivarnedo)
S Inca (Black)
S Fanzifei (Lonely Family Survivor)
S Tumia (Pilgrim serving Karmashi)
S Marilyn (Beige)
S Tomie (Orchid)
S Mei (Fifth child of millionaire Anich)
S Narfume (Princess Succubus)
S Sumima (The Late Bloomer Mage)
S Morrison (Orange)
S Silvia (Pink)
S Tun (6th of Shaos)
S Charles (Green)
S Degrees Celsius & Fahrenheit (Crimson)
S Rudemila (Grandmaster)

One Tier

Hero A-Tier is average at best. These characters are intermediate between the best and worst heroes of Zio and the Magic Scrolls. We recommend using them only if you are planning to upgrade for a short period of time.

ONE Juan (Yellow)
ONE Sagittarius Warrior (Red Sun)
ONE Choi Myeon Geol (Advanced Warlock)
ONE Khan (Young Brother)
ONE Delph (Blue)
ONE Pilgrim (Hammer of God)
ONE Ganzo (Lycanthrope)
ONE Zbella (Commander in Chief)
ONE Centaur Elite Archer (Through the Wind)
ONE Brien (Angel)
ONE Nyahu (Devil Jolly)
ONE Rai (Elder brother)

B Tier

These B-tier heroes of Zio and the Magic Scrolls list are the worst heroes. They offer very little precious when it comes to skills. This effectively renders them useless to assist you when you need them most. It is because of these disadvantages that we advise you not to use these heroes. You’ll be much better off with heroes from the higher levels on this list.

REMOVE Aerok Warrior (By Order)
REMOVE Imp (Brat from Devildom)
REMOVE Priest (Apprenticeship)
REMOVE Warlock (Crazy)
REMOVE Mage (belonging to the Kingdom)
REMOVE Female Angel (Creature of the God of Balance)
REMOVE Angel (The Scales of the God of Scales)
REMOVE Undead (want to rest)
REMOVE Swordsman (Normal)
REMOVE Tan Liming (Executive of Swordsman)
REMOVE Torturer (Muscle)
REMOVE Elf Archer (Third Branch)

So you have it. Here is our tiered list of the best heroes in ZIO and Magic Scrolls. As you can see, this list will prove extremely useful when picking out the best characters the next time you play the game.

If you found this compilation helpful, check it out Tier List for your favorite games.

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