Hogwarts Legacy – How to solve the chess puzzle

In Hogwarts Legacy there are a variety of puzzles hidden in secret locations around the map. If you stumble across these locations, make sure you explore them as they may contain a valuable reward for you to unlock. One such riddle is in a treasury in the southern part of the world map.

How to solve the chess puzzle near Phoenix Mountain Cave in Hogwarts Legacy

The chess puzzle is in the Treasure Vault east of Phoenix Mountain Cave in the Poidsear Coast Region (see map images). At the indicated location you will find a locked cave entrance with two rotating metal pillars. Use the Depulso Cast spells on each of these pillars multiple times in a row to unlock the path to the secret vault.

King in green and untransformed object in yellow (image from Pro Game Guides)

In the cave you will find a huge chessboard on which some pieces are placed. There is a piece missing and to find it you must first use the Revelio Curse. This will highlight the item as shown in the image with the yellow box. Use the transformation Cast spells on this object to turn it into a chess piece. To solve the chess puzzle you need to lift and move this piece to check the king (indicated by the green box). you can either Wingardium Leviosa or Accio Spells to move the chess piece.

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Bishop’s Diagonal Move (Image by Pro Game Guides)

The object that appears in the Chess Puzzle Treasure Vault varies from player to player and could be one of the following three:

  • vaseMission: We found a vase that turned into bishop which can be placed in a slot diagonal to the king’s position.
  • Pot: The pot turns into Tower who can check the king if placed in a straight line with him.
  • Chair: The chair is converted to Knightif a figure moves two squares vertically and one square horizontally and vice versa, it should be placed accordingly.
Collection Chest (Screenshot by Pro Game Guides)

It’s a fairly easy puzzle to solve if you follow the basic chess moves for those pieces mentioned above. Once you place the chess piece in the right place, the king will disappear and a chest will appear next to the wall carving. From this chest you get the outstanding rarity Daring Cloakwhich can be equipped in the Equipment menu under Cloak and Robes.

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