“‘House of Villains’ Latest Elimination on ‘Sh-tty’ Blind Slide”

A surprise surprise and broken promise led to a third contestant leaving “House of Villains” on E! this week.

Last week, Omarosa once again won supervillain of the week and the opportunity to nominate three housemates for banishment. The former Apprentice star nominated Corinne Olympios, Tanisha Thomas and Shake Chatterjee, although he promised no woman would be nominated.

TheWrap caught up with this week’s eliminated contestant to talk about the blind side and whether or not he would have changed his strategy.

Warning, this post contains spoilers from Episode 6 of “House of Villains.”

Corinne, you were really surprised when Omarosa called for your name to be banned, especially after she promised all women not to be nominated.

Olympics: I was definitely shocked. But then I thought to myself: Of course Omarosa would do that. Why would I ever think I’m safe? Just because she said so?

That sucked, to be honest. To pit me against Shake because we had this big fight and he was really rude and just said really hurtful things. The whole thing was a mess for both me and Tanisha.

You, Shake and Tanisha had the chance to save themselves in the redemption challenge, which required you to search for tokens in tanks filled with animals in complete darkness. Did you think Shake had an unfair advantage because he’s a vet?

That was the time I really needed to win a challenge. Competing against Shake, who is a vet, was annoying and unfair.

In fact, they didn’t even really show that I actually had my hands in it. I received some of the faulty coins; There were coins that didn’t work and had to be put in another box. I really tried but that didn’t help me. I got some coins, but they weren’t the right ones. But by that point Shake had already gotten me out because he targeted me first. No surprise.

At least you tried sticking your hands in the tanks full of snakes, rats and bugs. Tanisha didn’t.

My fear of these things is like next level. When an ant attacks me, I turn over a table in a restaurant; I don’t agree with that stuff.

But I thought at the time that I had to show them that I wanted to be here and that I cared, even though in reality I should have just been a floater because then I wouldn’t have been a threat anymore.

[Tanisha’s] no threat. So it kind of backfired on me. And it just sucks I helped other people win challenges and I was really a team player. It really sucked that everyone turned against me and the bananas really hurt me.

Johnny Bananas (center) and Corinne Olympios (right) enjoyed some flirting on “House of Villains” (Casey Durkin/E! Entertainment)

Where do you and things stand between you and Johnny Bananas? You flirted heavily with him. Was that part of your strategy?

I’m just flirtatious in general. I just like to flirt and have fun. Nothing has happened. It was all a lot of fun. And in a very light-hearted and honest way, it kept me busy.

We stopped talking after the show and recently rekindled our friendship. And now we’re just good friends.

What’s next for you?

Now, who says this is the last we’ll see of me in Villains?

“House of Villains” airs Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT on E! and find out more about the E! app.

Brian Ashcraft

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