How dads can use hypnobirthing to help with childbirth

Childbirth is an incredibly painful experience and one that the partner of a woman in normal labor can do little or no help with.

Unless, that is, they know how to use hypnobirthing.

Hypnobirthing is a pain management method that uses techniques including visualization, relaxation, and deep breathing, to help mothers during labor. And fathers are slowly realizing that becoming familiar with these techniques can help them make a real difference to their partner’s birth pain, and therefore the entire birthing experience.

For that reason, dads’ parenting website DaddiLife ( has published what it says is a first-time parenting guide for dads, A Positive Birth, The Dad’s Guide to Hypnobirthing, to help fathers take an active part in labor.

“There’s been a lot of change in modern parenting, with more fathers taking an active role in parenting on a daily basis,” said Han-Son Lee, founder of DaddiLife. “But there is still one area where fathers take on a passive role – the delivery room.

“Hypnobirthing has been a revelation for many mothers to understand the science of their bodies and how to feel more in control of their births. Fathers are often unaware of how important their role is in the birthing process,”

Lee describes hypnobirthing as the physiology and psychology of childbirth, or mental practices and practical applications used to make the birth experience better, and emphasizes: “Delivery can be It’s an anxious time for a lot of dads, and helping them see what an alternative birthing might be, and providing them with a specific set of tools, I’m hoping to be able to start creating. more positive birth stories.

“Hypnobirthing is your path to a favorable birth and your guide to becoming a better life partner. By learning and incorporating the science of hypnosis and by performing visualizations, affirmations, relaxation, and deep breathing exercises, you and your partner can work as a team to help focus the mother’s mind and body at birth. “

Lee says hypnobirthing techniques include…

Encourage oxytocin production for your partner

The guide explains that the feel-good hormone oxytocin is essential during labor to encourage its progression, but when your partner isn’t feeling well, that production can stop. To help her feel comfortable, make sure there is an essential oil diffuser at the birthing site (if approved by staff); battery-powered twinkling lights and candles; photos of loved ones or favorite pets; comfort items such as a favorite pillow or blanket; a portable speaker for listening to music; headphones for your partner to listen to relaxing scenarios; and a battery powered fan.

Provide comfort to support your partner in the early stages, by encouraging steady breathing patterns; go for a walk together; give them a warm bath; use diffused essential oils; get them water and food; massage them; play some relaxing music; help them switch jobs.

As labor progresses, be clear about the birth plan you’ve both agreed on and measure contractions, so your partner can focus on ‘in the zone’.

Sustained breathing – this is a slow inhalation through the nose and a long, slow exhale through the mouth. During this slow exhalation, oxytocin is produced.

Make sure your partner feels in the zone and focused, by making sure the atmosphere for the birth is just right; you and your partner get enough food and water to drink; you remind her of breathing techniques; and establish anchors using images, music, smells, and words to evoke memories.

Stay positive and supportive

Be supportive at ‘I can’t do this anymore’ times and be ready to campaign for extra support/drugs if needed. Talk to your care provider when you want, trust their knowledge of your body and communicate it.

A birth has taken place, ask yourself what help mom and baby need? Does she want to shower, and can she feasibly manage to shower and use the toilet? It is important to ask for help at this stage if needed. It’s likely they’ll need to return the room very soon, so it’s important to be clear about how you want to spend your time.

Active birth: A father’s guide to childbirth (Daddilife Books/PA)

A Positive Birth: The Dad’s Guide to Hypnobirthing is published by Daddilife Books for £12.99. Ready now

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