How does the pity system work in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact uses a rarity system to determine which characters and weapons have higher base stats than others. While weapons start with one star and go up to five stars, characters are only categorized by two levels – four and five stars. The gacha only drops four- and five-star characters and weapons, but those of a higher rarity have lower drop rates, making them harder to get. Luckily, Genshin Impact has a pity system that guarantees you characters and weapons after a certain number of wish attempts.

There are two types of banners in Genshin Impact: standard and event. The standard banner features the same pool of characters and weapons year-round, while event banners feature specific characters and weapons at an increased rate and rotate approximately every 20 days. is a pity not shared about these banners, so read on to find out which system is which.

How does the standard banner pity system work in Genshin Impact?

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The default banner pool is the same year-round and doesn’t welcome new characters or weapons. It contains a Mix of weapons and characters, and there is no difference between their pity systems. If you’re targeting a newly released character, choose to wait for the featured banner instead.

The default banner pity is as follows.

  • Five Star Character or Weapon: one every 90 wishes
  • Four Star Character or weapon: one every 10 wishes

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How does the compassionate character banner system work in Genshin Impact?

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Event banners contain one five-star and three four-star boosted rate characters, allowing them to be retrieved at a higher rate compared to other characters. However, the pool also consists of the standard banner characters (up to five stars) and weapons (only four stars). If you’re targeting a specific character, it’s highly recommended that you go after them on their featured banner, as you’re guaranteed to get them through a 50-50 pity system.

Here’s what you’re guaranteed to get.

  • Five Star Character: one every 90 wishes
  • Four Star Character or Weapon: one every 10 wishes

And this is how the 50-50 pity plays out.

  • If the five stars you draw is a standard banner character, yours is next is five stars guaranteed be the featured character.
  • After drawing for the five-star featured character, your next move has a 50 percent chance of being a standard banner character or the featured character.

Simultaneous banners share the same pity counter and 50-50 system. Besides, the 50-50 is a pity too applies to four-star characters, but there’s no guarantee which of the three you’ll pull. That being said, the best strategy for a guaranteed featured character is to always have at least two pity’s worth of Primogems in case the 50-50 fails.

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Event weapon banners feature two five-star and five four-star weapons. The pool also consists of standard banner characters (four stars only) and weapons (up to five stars). The pity system guarantees you the following.

  • Five Star Weapon: one every 80 wishes
  • Four Star Character or Weapon: one every 10 wishes

You can Select what five star weapon you are aiming for by charting a typified path. However, you are guaranteed to only receive the 5 stars you have chosen third pity. For example, if you record a symbolic path for the memory of dust:

  1. You will get Skyward Blade within 90 moves.
  2. You get Amos’ Bow within 90 moves.
  3. Finally, Memory of Dust is guaranteed within 90 moves.

If you are lucky you can get your chosen weapon within the first damage. But if you’re a free-to-player, the best strategy is to save up three pity’s worth of Primogems before aiming a gun.

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How to count pity in Genshin Impact?

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Go to any banner and click on it story to see your pulls from the same banner type in the last six months. Click the Next button until you see your last five star move, then count from there. Keep in mind that it takes about an hour for new pulls to appear.

How to reset pity in Genshin Impact?

pity reset once you get the guarantee. So if you draw 30 wishes for five star qiqi, you are not guaranteed another five star in 60 draws. Instead, your pity resets, so your guarantee is another 90 moves. The same goes for four stars and weapons.

Will the event banner pity carry over to Genshin Impact?

Event banner pity transmits to future banners. So once you’ve drawn Ayato’s banner 40 times, you only need 50 more to guarantee five-star status in the next character banner. The same goes for the weapon banner – just remember that your progress in the The symbolized path is not transmitted.

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