How many Attack on Titan manga chapters have been adapted up to Episode 87?

How many Attack on Titan manga chapters remain to be adjusted in season 4 and will they all be covered in now delayed episode 87?

Attack on Titan is fast approaching the season 4 finale, with just one episode left before fans around the world see the credits one last time.

However, there is some serious speculation online that the anime will not end with the fourth season finale and produce a movie or an OVA limited series.

This is because MAPPA is unlikely to fully adapt the entire Attack on Titan manga until the now-delayed episode 87 premieres. So how many chapters remain to be covered in the TV series?

Attack on Titan | Final Season Part 2 Official Trailer 2



Attack on Titan | Final Season Part 2 Official Trailer 2





How many chapters remain to be adapted from Attack on Titan Episode 87?

The television series Attack on Titan is an anime adaptation of the hit manga series by Isayama, which serialization began back in September 2009 and ended in April 2021 with 139 chapters.

Season Four has made a habit of adapting a full manga chapter in each episode, sometimes adapting two full chapters in one episode if they are relatively short or dialogue-heavy.

At the 20th of MarchthEpisode 86 “retrospective‘ was released on domestic TV in Japan and internationally via streaming services; This episode adapted chapter 129 in the original manga, also titled retrospective.

The preview trailer for consequence 87 was then shared following the conclusion of this week’s episode and confirmed that the title for the Season 4 finale will be The Dawn of Humanity.

The Dawn of Humanity was Chapter 130 of the manga series released in July 2020 and is part of Volume 32 started in Japan on 9.9th2020, and into English on December 22ndnd2020

This means that with the Attack on Titan season 4 finale episode 87 scheduled to be released as the next broadcast, there are only ten manga chapters left to be adapted for television.

  • The Dawn of Mankind – Chapter 130
  • The Rumble – Chapter 13`1
  • The Wings of Liberty – Chapter 132
  • Sinners – Chapter 133
  • In the Depths of Despair – Chapter 134
  • The Battle Between Heaven and Earth – Chapter 135
  • Dedicate Your Heart – Chapter 136
  • Titans – Chapter 137
  • A Long Dream – Chapter 138
  • On the way to the tree of this hill – chapter 139

Assuming MAPPA is going to adapt the entirety of The Dawn of Humanity chapter 130 in episode 87, that means there’s still a lot of content left of Isayama’s source material that needs to be adjusted – so what could be next?

Why an anime season 5 remains unlikely

As parts of the manga series probably still need adjustment after the upcoming Season 4 finale (Episode 87), there are some fans online who feel that a Season 5 is needed to complete everything.

However, an Attack on Titan season 5 remains extremely unlikely for two main reasons; There isn’t enough source material for an entire season, and the promotional material always stated that Season 4 would be the final TV broadcast.

The remaining nine manga chapters are a significant amount of source material, but it’s nowhere near enough for an entire TV season; with season 4 part 1 consisting of 16 episodes by itself.

Similarly, every single promotional message, poster, video or teaser stated that Attack on Titan season 4 should be the end of the television series with the whole transmission referred to as “The Final Season”.

It would take a significant amount of promotional gymnastics to claim now that an anime season 5 would be produced, especially considering that such a sweeping change in marketing is a rare occurrence for the modern anime industry in Japan.

Adaptation of the manga chapters from season 4

If Attack on Titan doesn’t continue into a fifth anime season, but those nine chapters still need to be adapted, the only choices would be a feature film or a limited OVA run.

An OVA (Original Video Animation) limited run would likely consist of multiple episodes released over multiple weeks; As a recent example, consider how Arcane was released on Netflix in three arcs over three weeks.

Not only would this solve the problem of remaining manga chapters, but it would also result in season 4 being marked as the final TV broadcast.

The second option would be to produce a final, massive theatrical film adapting the remaining manga chapters.

While this is arguably the more likely option available to MAPPA, it would be hard to argue against the decision given the amount of money that could be generated from such a colossal film.

We’ve broken down four key clues that an anime film could complete Attack on Titan. More information can be found here.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Blu-Ray DVD

In the age of digital streaming and online playback, physical DVDs can sometimes feel out of place. However, when Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 comes to an end, countless other anime fans around the world will hear the voice of temptation… “Buy the Blu-ray DVD…”

The good news for us and the bad news for our bank accounts is that the Japanese website has now published the confirmation of the next Blu-ray release.

According to the blog post, the Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Blu-Ray DVD box set will be available on Wednesday, July 20thth to the volume one and from Wednesday, 17.08th to the volume two.

The special set also includes a video of the amazing Attack on Titan Orchestral Concert that took place in August last year.

Whether you want another addition to the bookshelf, want to continue supporting MAPPA, or just want to immortalize the final season, the Blu-Ray DVD is for you.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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