How to activate the mechanisms – The Heavenly Stone’s Debris World Quest in Genshin Impact

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The Shattered Heavenly Stone is the fourth part of the questline in The Chasm Delvers World. The final part of the quest involves activating three mechanisms deep within the Stony Halls. You can unlock this part once you open the area by blasting a hole with the Mountainator.

Before you begin, make sure your Lumenstone Adjuvant is at least Stage 2 Dispel oozing concretions and dark mud. It is also highly recommended to bring one with you Character who can break Hydro Shieldsas there will be a battle against the Hydro Abyss Lector at the end of the quest.

How to activate mechanisms

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The quest will help you navigate the clearing by marking the locations of the three mechanisms on the world map and mini-map. The mechanisms are locked due to the nearby Oozing Concretions.

You have to scatter them through Activation of Lumenstone adjuvant nearby, which costs an energy if you successfully scatter the blobs. However, be careful not to step on the dark mud while doing this, as this may drain your gadget’s energy.

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After driving out the Oozing Concretions, the nearby mechanism will be unlocked. Interact with him to charge him with three energies. The same process applies to all three mechanisms throughout the area.

Don’t forget to pick up the glowing patches of blue light scattered throughout the Stony Halls Recover the power of the Lumenstein tool.

Where is the oozing concretion for the last mechanism

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The oozing concretions for the first two mechanisms are fairly easy to spot as they are very close to the mechanisms. But the last one, which is at the very bottom, is a bit tricky. There’s a blob in front of the mechanism, but it’s not really an oozing concretion. Follow the path of dark mud and go deeper where you will find the correct Oozing Concretion in front of a gate.

Complete the quest

After all three mechanisms are activated, a cutscene will play and the Hydro Abyss Lecturer will spawn immediately. After defeating him, another cutscene will play, and then you’ll engage in a dialogue with Zhiqiong. After that, the quest will be complete and you can continue the Archon quest Requiem of the Echoing Depthsas well as the next part of the World Questline.

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