How to Beat Saber Successfully: Tips and Tricks (2022)

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where your goal is to pass the beats ‘blocks’ towards you. Timing and precision are crucial and things get progressively more difficult. So, how can you play Beat Saber well and prove yourself as a music ninja? Here are some of the best tips and tricks for beginners to improve soon.

How to Beat Saber Mastery?

how to improve beat saber

First and foremost, if you’re not good at the game at first, don’t get overwhelmed – that’s okay. The game is supposed to be challenging and it will take some time and effort to perfect the mechanics. Keep reading till the end to know how you can master Beat Saber.

Focus on your wrist action

Gives your arms and wrists more flexibility during the quick passages of the song so you can cut those back beats with ease. You will have to Adjust your grip and wrist movement to be able to get each one without slowing down. If you use your entire arm, it will take you longer to cut them. So practice with more wrist movement and you’ll find yourself getting closer to the top score.

Side note: Don’t forget to stretch before entering the game as it will become tense.

Feel the music

In this rhythm game you can progress further if you understand music like the back of your hand. So immerse yourself in the song while using the right wrist motion to stay one step ahead in your journey to greatness.

Adjust Settings Based on Your Room

Make sure you have enough space to move and swing your arms. Adjust in-game settings of rotation, offset, position etc before you start your next game and make it perfect for you. You never know, this could make a world of difference and help you improve in no time.

beat saber tips tricks

Try different grips

Something that works for one player may not work for another. So, if the aforementioned tricks don’t work, you might want to try a different grip. If you find something that really enhances your performance and makes it easier for you to do it while you’re at it, it’s the right thing to do. Have a lot of Defeat Sabre .’s specific grip available online that you can check and choose your favorite one.

Change visual settings

The game has a futuristic neon look with some effects, and if that’s a bit distracting, there are ways to adjust the colors and lighting. Go Player options and see Static Lights, Advanced HUD, Fragment Reduction, Trail Intensity, SFX, Spawn Effects and change everything to your liking. This will help you Better focus on the arrows and get more precise slices than before.

Apart from this, you can also change the color of the blocks from red/blue to any other contrasting color so they can be seen very clearly, reducing your chances of making mistakes.

Practice practice practice

No, really, use Practice button to become an expert in the part of the song where you are most likely to fail. Slow down section to understand how templates work. Now you will be able to go a little faster in your next practice round. Continue doing this until it becomes a natural movement for you.

Take on more difficult challenges

The only way for players to get better is to accept challenges, fail, overcome them, and then move on to bigger challenges. Do the same in this gae. Try mods like spooky notes, disappearing arrows, faster songs, battery power, and fail, fail until you succeed. This practice will enable you to master Beat Saber over time.

Hopefully, these Beat Saber’s tips and tricks got you ideas on how to improve the game. If you have access to custom songs and custom earn, use them to your benefit as they will definitely get you closer to your all-time high score. Try it out sabers have a short trail so you can focus and more people refer too thinner sword for better accuracy.

So you have it. For more tutorials on Oculus Quest 2 and other games, be sure to looking for more information on Gamer Tweak. How to Beat Saber Successfully: Tips and Tricks (2022)

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