How to beat The Howler in The Cycle: Frontier

Season 3 of The cycle: limit made several changes to the game including new weapons, free players and of course new enemies. The most prolific of the villains is the flying creature known as The Howler. A chance encounter, this beast brings pain to anyone unfortunate enough to be within reach. It fires huge projectiles that quickly deplete health and has been the cause of many run terminations. Knowing how to beat The Howler The cycle: limit will help you not only get out with your loot, but possibly snag some goodies as well.

Tips for defeating The Howler in The Cycle: Frontier

Defeat the Howler at the Cycle Boundary

Screenshot of PC Invasion

The Howler patrols the skies of The cycle: limit. Unlike other enemies in the game, it isn’t restricted to a specific area and can appear anywhere it pleases. You’ll hear it across the map as it lets out its deafening scream. At least that way you know how to avoid it.

Bring your gear

First, make sure you’re prepared for a long fight. Going into battle even with top-notch weapons is going to take a while. Howler in The cycle: limit has a huge health bar. You have to hammer on it for a long time to finally break it down. Make sure you have plenty of ammo and a weapon that you can rely on at long range. The KBR Longshot or Basilisk wouldn’t be a bad choice. Anything in the purple selection of weapons will serve you well in beating The Howler The circulation; Border.

Don’t go alone

The Howler is not designed to be taken down alone. Its huge health bar and devastating attacks can be a real problem for a single player, if more than one is attacking you can at least distract them while another player heals. Multiple players can distract The Howler from others, giving them time to reload, heal, and finish off other enemies.

If you’re going it alone, it’s even wise to use the proximity chat to recruit other players on the map and split the bounty.

What to expect from The Howler in The Cycle: Frontier

The most important thing in any game is beautiful, shiny loot. But before you jump into it, you need to know the details of the attacks.

The Howler’s Attacks

Defeat the Howler at the Cycle Boundary

Screenshot of PC Invasion

Heavy projectiles await you as the main attack. to hit the Howler The cycle: limit You need to take cover and stay away from those flying spikes. They get stuck in everything they hit and then explode after a while, getting hit by those quickly draining their health.

The secondary attack is a howl, hence the name. This confuses players and causes distorted vision, making aiming quite difficult. This is paired with slash and tear damage if you get too close. Keep distance.

The second stage in attempting to defeat The Howler comes after draining a significant amount of health. Attacks become more ferocious and deal more damage.

The Howler’s Prey

First, there is a mission to defeat The Howler in season three. You must deal the killing blow to the winged beast to achieve this. So make sure you have the comms turned on if you try to cross this off your list. It will be very frustrating to waste your time.

Most important is the loot when you beat The Howler The cycle: limit is great. You get Howler Darts and Howler Honey, both of which are very valuable. If you’re lucky, you can also get your hands on a Howler Syrinx. These are the monster’s vocal cords and fetch a high price from merchants. How to beat The Howler in The Cycle: Frontier

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