How to beat Tideripper in Horizon Forbidden West?

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In Horizon Forbidden West, Tiderippers are threatening opponents who can attack the player both underwater and on land. Because of this, they are a real threat and one of the hardest enemies to destroy in the game. An easy way to put Tideripper on a level playing field with Aloy is to remove some of its attacks or Purgewater effects. This can be done by targeting and taking out a few key body parts.

The Water filter bag will remove the Purgewater effect from some machine attacks and Purgewater Cannon, Tailand Tidal plate will all prevent certain attacks from happening when they are removed. This will allow the player more chance to dodge some of the slower attacks that will be left in its arsenal and avoid any additional damage effects from the machine’s Purgewater.

Information of Tideripper

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Players can attack machines with various elemental attack patterns. Elemental attacks in the game include Fire, Shock, Frost, Plasma, Bleach, and Acid. Tiderippers will be weak to damage from Shock and Frost attacks. They will also against strong damage from Purge Fire and Water attacks.

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Body parts

There are different body parts on the Tideripper, and each will drop different loot and deal different amounts of damage to the machine when attacked by the player. The body parts on the Tideripper are:

  • Human body
  • Capsule processing
  • Purgewater Cannon
  • Water filter bag
  • Heart
  • Tail Canister
  • Chillwater Canister
  • Tail
  • Antenna
  • Tidal plate
  • Out gate
  • Twinkle
  • Glowblast Canister
  • Purgewater Sac


Machines in Horizon Forbidden West will drop different loot items, with many items specific to each type of machine. Some can be looted from a fallen machine while others will need to be removed (shot with an arrow or removed with a hit from a spear) while the machine is still alive. Tideripper will drop a long list of lootable items:

  • Metal Shards (Common) – Dropped from the body
  • Purgewater (Uncommon) drops from Body, Purgewater Pouch, and Purgewater Sac
  • Large Core (Rare) – Dropped from the body, processing capsule and tail case
  • Tideripper Circulator * (Uncommon) – Dropped from the body
  • Tideripper’s Major Nerve* (Rare) – Dropped from body, processing capsule, tail lens and antenna
  • Volatile sludge (Very rare) – Drops from the body
  • Mechanical (Uncommon) – Reduced from the body
  • Braided (Normal) – Dropped from the body, Handling capsule, Water cannon, Tail lens, Antenna and Tide dish
  • Braided Crystal (Very Rare) – Dropped from Body and Purgewater Cannon
  • Glow Brainstem (Very Rare) – Drops from the body, handling capsule and tidal disc
  • Metal Bone (Rare) – Falling out of the body
  • Rugged Rigid Plate (Popular) – Dropped from the body, Processed Tablets, Bleach Cannon, Tail Lens, Antenna and Tidal Plate
  • Blastpaste (Rare) – Skip when processing Capsule and Tail Canister
  • Chillwater (Uncommon) – Released from Chillwater Canister
  • Tideripper’s caudal fin * (Very rare) – Fell from the tail
  • Sparker (Regular) – Reduced from Sparker
  • Glowblast (Uncommon) – Released from Glowblast Canister

* Loot items marked with an asterisk can only be dropped from Tideripper machines.


In Horizon Forbidden West, Cauldrons allow the player to overwrite the machines inside that Cauldron once they’ve completed it. Completing the Cauldron usually means traveling through its dungeon-like corridors and facing a boss at the end. Tideripper is part of Kappa Overrides Cauldron.

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