How to beat Tropic Woods in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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Tropic Woods is the second main boss in Kirby and the forgotten land– a very cranky palm that terrorizes Everbay coast. Beating it is the only thing you have to do to complete the Tropical Terror stage and open the game to the third exploration area.

How to defeat the tropical terror, Tropic Woods

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When you land on the Tropical Terror stage and head down a bit, you’ll see a Maxim tomato and three copy abilities to choose from before facing the boss. If you’ve found all the blueprints so far and improved your copying skills, you can choose between the two clutter needle, Chakram Cutter, or volcano fire– or the regular, less powerful versions Needle, Cutter or Fire.

You are in front of a tree, and the tree is burning and slowly taking damage while it’s on fire. This is a good reason to go for the powerful Fire or Volcano Fire copy ability. If you are looking for a challenge, opt for the other options or Go with no copy ability to complete the optional missions for this stage.

Once the fight begins, Tropical Forest will drop large coconuts that will take root in the ground. You can inhale these and shoot back to do good damage from afar. You can also have Kirby inhale the stars that appear in the trails of the air blasts that Tropic Woods blows at you. Dodge these while aiming carefully.

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Tropic Woods steps it up for phase two

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When you’ve used up half of Tropic Woods’ health, phase two begins. The tree blows a wide strip of air over which you can jump or dodge. Breathe in the stars that left puffs of air and now you will have in mind the protective fence that appears in front of Tropic Wood’s face. Aim for the sides when the fence is up.

Tier optional missions include:

  • Destroying the roots of Tropic Woods
  • clear the stage within two minutes
  • clear the stage without a copy ability
  • Beat the boss without taking any damage

You can easily destroy the roots by targeting them along with the boss, as well as upgrade your aim and dodge skills to beat them without a copy ability. Defeating Tropic Woods without taking damage will take practice, multiple tries, and probably a bit of luck.

Remember to save movement time Reducing Kirby’s levitation. Press B to release a burst of air and make him jump and move as fast as he can while focusing on inhaling and shooting. Defeating Tropic Woods will earn you the Noble Ranger Blueprint to take on the next world of Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

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