How to beat Worldslayer in Arbiter of Descent Outriders

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Outriders Worldslayer adds a new endgame, The Trial of Tarya Gratar. Containing multiple trials and arenas, this endgame gauntlet mode is a great way to get the new apocalypse gear. The final boss of the trial is the Arbiter of Descent, this is a tough encounter even in a group, here’s how to beat the Arbiter.

Defeat in general arbiter tips

  • This encounter is balanced against groups, to form a group if possible.
  • Avoid the dark fog they will tie you to the ground.
  • Destroy the hives AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  • Lower your apocalypse level when you’re stuck

Referee of descent mechanics

The Arbiter of Descent is the toughest fight in Outriders Worldslayer, this massive boss will swing his ax and come at you throughout the fight. These attacks can be safely dodged or avoided by staying at a distance. Occasionally he will pull you inside himself and hit you with the axe, this attack is inevitable. Always watch your feet dark fields of haze on the floor like this slow and captivate you, making it very difficult to avoid incoming attacks. He will also summon his own protection, walking in a straight line and brandishing his axe.

It will cast regularly throughout the fight anomaly drain. this will summon an Umbral clone which will slowly go to one of the four pillars. Once a clone reaches the pillar, it spawns a beehive at the pillar that will throw huge waves in a straight line out of the hive. That Umbral Clones can be killedhowever, they have a large health pool and you must focus fire one of them.

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That Hive should be destroyed Once they spawn, your party will be deleted very quickly if several of them are alive at the same time. Dark Weapons emits waves in a circular pattern around the Arbiter during this phase, it’s best to focus on dodging the red telegraph on the ground rather than attacking.

The Arbiter doesn’t have a second phase, but the further you progress in the fight, the faster he’ll use these abilities. Anomaly Drain summons additional Umbral Clones, up to four. When this happens, it’s best to focus on a clone and then take out the hives as they spawn.

Referee of Relegation Rewards

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If you defeat Arbiter of Descent, he will dish out a large amount of loot for you to collect. However, you can also choose one of three Legendary Apocalypse gears. This equipment changes depending on the class.

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