How to breed horses in ‘Minecraft’

Horse Stable Breeding Minecraft

Source: Mojang

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With over a dozen unique biomes to explore and a world that stretches endlessly in every direction, Minecraft is an absolutely massive game. But trying to explore its blocky world on foot quickly becomes tedious. Horseback riding is the perfect way to cut down on your travel time, and learning to raise horses is a great way to build a stable of animals for you and your friends to ride.

Here you will find everything you need to know about breeding horses Minecraft.

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How to breed horses in ‘Minecraft’.

to breed horses Minecraft, you need two tame horses and some very special feed. But before going into the details of how to breed horses, you need to find two wild ones first. Wild horses are typically found in biomes with lots of grass – such as plains – and are often found in groups of up to six individuals.

Two adult horses and a baby horse in Minecraft

Source: Mojang

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Once you’ve spotted a horse, you can tame it by interacting with it. This way you get on the horse for a short ride. It might put you off a few times, although eventually you’ll see a bunch of floating hearts if your taming attempt is successful. If a horse pushes you off, just keep interacting with it until these hearts appear.

Do this with a second horse to acquire two tamed horses. Be sure to keep an eye on the first horse so it doesn’t run away (you can tie it down with a leash or build a makeshift stable around it with blocks in your inventory).

Now that you’ve tamed them, here’s how to breed horses Minecraft.

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Riding in Minecraft

Source: Mojang

  • Bring your two tamed horses into close contact with each other. This is easily accomplished by building a small stable around them.
  • Feed each one either a golden apple or a golden carrot. This will spawn hearts and activate breeding mode. (Note: A golden apple can be crafted by placing an apple in the center of the crafting table and surrounding it with gold ingots. A golden carrot is made by making a carrot surrounded by gold nuggets.)

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  • When the two horses eventually mate and create a baby horse. This will grow into an adult in under an hour, although you can speed up the process by feeding it foods like hay and wheat.

Remember that your baby horse will have stats based on its parents. So if you are trying to breed a fast horse, you should breed the two fastest horses in your stable. And while color patterns have a small chance of being random, breeding two horses with the same pattern is more likely to result in offspring with the same pattern.

When you have successfully bred a horse, make sure you craft a saddle so you can ride it. How to breed horses in ‘Minecraft’

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