How to build a castle heart in V Rising


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When building bases in V Rising, you must place a castle heart as the foundation of your base. Placing a Castle Heart allows you to claim an area on the map as your base of operations. To build a box heart you will need 30 Blood Essence and a handsome sum of 240 stone.

You can get the blood essence you need by killing animals and human enemies in V Rising. To get the stone you need, you need to mine both of them ruin walls or stone knot shown in the picture below.

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But to mine Stone you need a morning star. You can craft a mace if you haven’t already by going to the crafting tab in your inventory. You can find the crafting tab by pressing Tab key on your keyboard. After pressing Tab, locate the crafting tab as shown below.

Under the Craft tabyou will be able to craft a simple one bone mace to the 30 bones. Use the mace to mine the stone knots for the stone you need to craft your Castle Heart.

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However, once you’ve collected enough Stone and Blood Essence, you can begin placing lock heart. To place your Castle Heart, look for the build menu on the right side of your screen or just click B button. Press the B button or click the Build Menu hammer icon on the right side of your screen to open the Build Menu.

Under the Build menu, you have several options, but you don’t have to pay attention to them just yet. Just focus on the first tab where you will find the Castle Heart as the first build option. Click on the lock heart and find a suitable place to start your base and then place it. After placing the castle heart, you can expand and build up your base.

How to power the lock heart in V Rising

In order to power your Castle Heart, you must collect and place Blood Essence in it. To get Blood Essence you need to kill creatures like wolves and human bandits.

Blood Essence drops every time you kill a living being, but only in small amounts. Because of this, we recommend that you farm bandit camps and other locations to get a supply of Blood Essence for your Castle Heart. After getting the blood essence, place it in your castle heart by clicking on it and dragging the blood into the castle heart.

Once you place Blood Essence in the Castle Heart it should say it’s powered and will run out in a couple of hours. If you want to increase the time, put more blood essence in the lock heart.

For more information on V Rising, see the Pro Game Guides. How to build a castle heart in V Rising

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