How to build boat for treasure every time to survive


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The name says it all! Roblox’ Build A Boat For Treasure is all about building the best ship that will carry you safely down the river to open the huge treasure chest that awaits at the end. However, this is not an easy task! There are multiple waves of obstacles to overcome that will challenge your ingenuity and creativity. Once you figure out the perfect method, you’ll survive to this treasure every time! Here are some ways you can achieve this.

Build a boat for treasures tips and tricks

This will give you more materials

The best way to prepare yourself to traverse the river’s dangerous waters and make it to this treasure is to get as many materials as you can. Some materials are more valuable than others and can improve your survival. Here are some ways you can get something easier.


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Diploma tasks is one of the best ways to get the most out of it valuable materials for free and win something gold included. Some of these can be a little tricky, but it’s worth it for the rewards, like blocks of butter, balloons, and more! These are essential materials for breakdowns and some of the best boat designs, and it’s a great way to get lots of gold quickly to buy other materials as well.


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codes are also a good option to get free materials or other rewards like gold, making it easier to get the parts you need for your boat. You can find these awesome Build A Boat codes right here in the Pro Game Guides, which are updated regularly. They can get you some great items, such as the fireworks used for some of the best disruptions.


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Another way to get materials is to buy some chests. These chests are available for to buy With gold, which you can get by completing quests or through some river sections. While it may take some time to save up for them, the various rarity chests contain many valuable materials you will need for your journey down the river.

How to build a strong boat

The process of building your boat and your boat design is perhaps the most important part when it comes to surviving to the treasure. Many obstacles stand in the way; Even some enemies will shoot lasers or throw other harmful objects at you. You should prepare your boat for any inconvenience.

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Build a strong foundation

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you want one strong foundation for your boat design because it keeps your boat afloat even if you hit a rock or obstacle. Look at them Strength of the blocks you use in the build menu. Using these stronger stones around the edges of your boat is an excellent idea to protect You from harmful objects that could endanger your security.

Buy more building tools

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If you want the very best in boat design and foundation, you should upgrade your boat Tool and add to collection. These tools will help to enhance your builds and allow you to create your plans with more refined details. This could mean the difference when it comes to soaring down that perilous path.

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How to avoid obstacles

The treasure chest at the end of the river can only be reached if you manage to avoid all obstacles and keep your character safe in your boat at all times. How are you going to do this? By finding a way to fully control your boat’s direction while navigating.

How to steer your boat

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Be able to Taxes Your boat is vital evade the obstacle on the river and survive. Because of this, your build will need a special seat to help you, such as: B. the pilot’s chair. That pilot chair and a few similar materials allow you extra control over your boat, using the usual walking controls like WASD or the arrows to move the boat left and right or up and down. However, these are extremely rare items and may be difficult to obtain for beginners, so they may need to get a bit more skilled.

How to control Glitch

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If you don’t have the right items to steer your boat, there are other ways you can do it! Some very easy glitches will make it just as easy Taxes Your boat and only require You must have a few specific items such as: Fireworks, hinges, or butter. Don’t worry! These items can be obtained by completing the quests or entering a few codes. Here’s how to make this control error:

  • Sit on your boat
  • Sit on the seat
  • Place a block of butter or fireworks inside your figure and glue them in place
  • Jump up from the seat (your character should not be able to move)
  • Steer the boat with the normal walking controls

If you use this method correctly, you should have done this full control of your entire boat as if walking normally with your character. So if you see an obstacle, you can easily reverse or avoid it. This will help you get down the river without destroying your boat!

These are just a few tips and tricks to help you collect this giant treasure chest! Let us know if they worked for you or if you have any other tricks up your sleeve!

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