How to complete ‘The Daunt Relic’ ruins in Horizon Forbidden West?

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Horizon Forbidden West takes place in a massive open world map where players can explore new territory, meet new allies, and battle new enemies. One big difference between Horizon Forbidden West and its predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn, is how full the map actually is.

One of the new challenges added to the map of Horizon Forbidden West is the Ruins of Ruins. Ruins Relics can be found all over the map and will force the player to complete obstacle course and obstacle puzzles to find the collectibles kept within each Ruin. Steps will need to be taken to complete Ruins Ruins: Daunt listed below:

  • Step 1: Enter Relic Ruin. The player will need to enter the Ruin through its north facing face.
  • Step 2: Locate the yellow pick up point inside the building. Use the movable crate inside to power yourself up to the pickup point.
  • Step 3: Once at this level, the player will see a locked door containing Relic Ruin’s collectibles. Go out to the balcony by the exit near the locked door.
  • Step 4: Once on the balcony, run straight through the gap in front to get to the second part of the building.
  • Step 5: Drop down to this new part of the building. There will be a data point showing up if you are in the right place. This data point will contain Door code (1705) will be needed later to access this Relic Ruin collection.
  • Step 6: If you look up while facing the data point, there must be two points that can be dragged with the Pullcaster. A long beam with a blue tip and a net. Use a Pullcaster on both of these points.
  • Step 7: Find a crate on the upper floors of this room and then drag it down with the Pullcaster. This crate can be used to access the newly opened grid. A crate is in place, jump to the pulled-down beam and then to the crate.
  • Step 8: When you enter the next room through the fence, jump down the big hole in the ground. The actual hole is the only thing in this room, so it’s hard to miss.
  • Step 9: At the back of this hole, there are grabbing points that Aloy can use to climb up, except the first one is unstable and will drop when caught. To get through this, players will need to get a crate into this area to power themselves up. When you get to the pick up points, turn around and go into the dark. This will be a Pullcaster point in the ceiling that the player can pull down to create a hole into the room first.
  • Step 10: Go up through the hole and pull down another wall using the Pullcaster to reveal the crate used in Step 7. Bring this crate back through the holes just created and use it to get to the points obtained. mentioned in Step 9. Climb up the grab points to reach the next level of the room.
  • Step 11: Once you’ve climbed, look west to spot a wooden balcony and jump there. This is the balcony that will accommodate Main module for the door to be locked. Pick up the Key Module and return to the locked door mentioned in Step 3.
  • Step 12: Unlock the door using the Key Module (obtained in Step 11) and then the Door Code (obtained in Step 5). After completing this, the player will be able to claim his prize for completing this Relic Ruin.

Where to find the Ruins of Ruins: The Daunt

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The Ruins Ruins: Daunt will be the first Relic Ruin that the player encounters on their journey to the Forbidden West. It can be found just south of Chainscrape, the player being introduced to the city first upon entering the game’s full map.

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Where to find the Main Module

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Relic Relic: Daunt will require the player to obtain Main module to open a locked door containing collectibles. Following the above steps will result in the player receiving the Master Module. The Key Module itself is covered in Step 11. Most Monuments will have a locked door, but the Key Module is not always the required part required to open the door. there.

Where to find the door code?

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This Relic Ruin will actually require two things to enter the locked door containing Ruin’s collectibles. Along with the Main Module, players will need to find out Door code. Not every Relic Ruin requires a Door Code, but the one at The Daunt does. Door codes can be hard to find and easy to miss if players don’t know what they’re looking for. The door code is 1705 and can be obtained by following the steps above. The door code and where to find the specific code are mentioned in Step 5.

The Relic of Relic: What is Daunt Reward?

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All Relics in the Western Forbidden Horizon will result in the player receiving Ornaments. Which Ornament the player receives depends on the completed Relic Ruin. Ruins of Relics: Daunt will reward players Decoration: Daunt.

These Ornaments will be used later in the game when the player arrives at camp in Las Vegas and also completes the Nights of Lights quest. The player can redeem Ornaments by talking to an NPC named Stemmur, who can turn the Ornaments into beautiful light shows. These collectibles are cosmetic in nature and won’t affect gameplay much.

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