How to counter a Destroy Deck in Marvel Snap

One of the most common decks that any Marvel Snap player will encounter focuses solely on the Destroy ability. This is the first strategic deck that most players will learn how to build in their early days with the game. You’ll encounter plenty of Carnage and Nova in online matches, so learning how to counter this common deck build is important.

Defeat a Destroy deck in Marvel Snap

The typical Destroy deck relies on a handful of cards that activate when destroyed and a few Catalysts that destroy anything placed next to them. You can tell you’re dealing with a Destroy Deck as soon as your opponent plays Nova, Bucky Barnes, or Wolverine. As soon as one of these cards is revealed, you can be sure that Carnage or Deathlok are on their way.

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The problem with Destroy Decks is that they require a lot of setup and execution. The Destroy Deck user must put their early cards in the right places to destroy them and bring them back stronger. One of the easiest ways to defeat a Destroy player is to have them place their Wolverine, Bucky Barnes, and Sabretooth and then cordon off the area.

By placing armor, you can prevent a map from being destroyed in a certain area. Under certain circumstances, you could play Professor X, sealing off the area and not giving your opponent a chance to continue. Cosmo the Space Dog can also turn off On Reveal abilities. Leech can take away the abilities of any card in the opponent’s hand, ending the strategy just before it peaks. Any of these options will prevent your opponent from carrying out his plan.

Destroy decks tend to be very predictable. Another way to counter their playstyle is to use cards that rely on knowing where your opponent will place a card. Each member of the Guardians of the Galaxy has an ability that relies on your opponent putting a card in the same lane. Since they have to use their Destroyer cards, you can almost always call them and benefit from a good ad.

Finally, the Destroyer deck requires a lot of commitment to pull off. The game only has six turns and a deck only has twelve cards, so many resources must be devoted to building and strengthening your best cards. If you Destroy one of their strongest weapons, they are often more likely to give up than lose. Shang-Chi is an extremely powerful option in this situation. Destroy Decks often rely on the summoning of Death, which has immense power but can only be summoned after multiple Destructions have taken place. If they manage to get her out, kill them with Shang-Chi will set their whole game plan on fire.

Countering Destroy Decks in Marvel Snap is all about disrupting the simple strategy that makes the enemy’s deck great. Simply lock down locations, remove their On Reveal abilities, predict their actions, and destroy their best tools to make this early-game mainstay much less powerful.

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