How to craft an awkward potion in Minecraft

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Playing Minecraft for survival can be a daunting task, and players must rely on all the help they can get. Along with your weapons and shelters, you can also brew a variety of different potions using different ingredients. Consuming potions can grant players all sorts of benefits, like restoring health or providing numerous resistances. One of the most important potions to brew is the Awkward Potion. Although consuming it grants no effect, the Clumsy Potion serves as a base for brewing a plethora of other useful potions. Here’s how to make an awkward potion in Minecraft.

How to get a clumsy potion in Minecraft

As mentioned earlier, the Awkward Potion serves as the base for brewing various useful potions in Minecraft. As with all other potions in the game, the first thing you need to craft to make the Clumsy Potion is the brew stand. This item can be crafted from three Cobblestone blocks and a Blaze Staff. Once you have the Brewing Stand you will need the following Ingredients to make the Embarrassing Potion:

  • lower warts – As the name suggests, Nether Warts are a plant species unique to the Nether dimension in Minecraft. They can be found near stairs in the Nether Fortress and occasionally in Bastion Remnants. These plants only grow on Soul Sand, and players can create a nether wart farm in any dimension using Soul Sand Blocks.
  • Blaze Powder – Blaze Powder is a product that can be purchased by crushing Blaze Rods in the crafting table. This powder is used as fuel for brewing potions in the Brewstand. To obtain Blaze Rods, players must defeat Blaze mobs in the Nether dimension.
  • water bottles – To craft water bottles, you need three glass blocks. Glass Blocks can be acquired by heating Sand Blocks in a Furnace. Once you have Glass Blocks, place them in the crafting table to get Glass Bottles. Then just right click on the glass bottle to fill it with water and turn it into a water bottle.

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Once you have all three ingredients, you must place them in the required slots in the Brewing Stand. First, open the Brewing Stand by right-clicking on it, then place the Blaze powder in the empty slot on the left. Then place the water bottles in the three slots at the bottom of the Brewing Stand menu. Finally, place a nether wart on the top cell to start the brewing process. After a few seconds, the bottles in the three cells below will become clumsy potions for you to collect.

How to use the Awkward Potion in Minecraft

Clumsy Potion is one of the most important potions you must have in your inventory in Minecraft. So it’s quite confusing that consuming this potion doesn’t grant any effect. The real purpose of the Awkward Potion, however, is to serve as a base for crafting other useful potions. Below are the various potions that require a cumbersome potion to make in Minecraft:

Recipe potion Effect
Clumsy Potion + Golden Carrot Night Vision Potion Grants improved vision in the dark
Clumsy Potion + Spider Eye poison potion Decreases maximum health
Clumsy Potion + Ghast Tears Potion of Regeneration Restores health over time
Clumsy Potion + Blaze Powder Potion of Strength Increases attack damage
Clumsy Potion + Magma Cream Potion of Fire Resistance Grants resistance to fire and lava
Awkward potion + sugar Potion of Speed Increases movement speed
Clumsy Potion + Glittering Melon Potion of Healing Instantly restores health
Clumsy Potion + Puffer Fish Potion of Water Breathing Grants the ability to breathe underwater
Awkward Potion + Rabbit’s Foot Potion of Jumping Increases jump height
Awkward Potion + Turtle Shell Potion of the Turtle Master Increases resistance and decreases movement speed
Clumsy Potion + Phantom Membrane Potion of Slow Falling Decreases falling speed

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