How to deal with infections in Project Zomboid

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If you have a virus in Project Zomboid, there is no way to remove it. Instead, you’ll need to learn how to prevent infection and what to do if you get bitten or scratched.

In short, if you get scratched by a zombie, you will have to disinfect and bandage the wound quickly. Every second is very important because wound disinfection will decrease chance of infection.

A scratch has a 7% chance of becoming infected and a tear has a 25% chance. Therefore, you can survive the injury in the game and not turn into a zombie

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That said, once the dressing is in place, leave the dressing in place and only change it if it becomes soiled. If the ice becomes dirty, replace it and repeat the sterilization and dressing process again.

Along with proper wound care, we recommend resting a bit until the wound heals. However, if the wound becomes infected, the game is over at that point, and it would be ideal to store your loot before you die.

How to deal with zombie bites in Project Zomboid?

If you are wondering how to deal with a zombie bite, no way. Once you get bitten, the game is over, and you will end up turning into a walking brain eater due to an infection.

Bite also has a 100% chance of infection, so it’s best to take steps to not get bitten in the first place. First, we recommend wearing layers and looking for clothing that increases your defenses against bites and scratches.

Doing so will help prevent attacks from zombies and prevent bites, but don’t let them bite you more than once. The reason is that your clothes only prevent a few bites and scratches, and you can still get injured if you get hit enough.

Besides wearing layers, we also recommend finding armor and helmet to help protect you from the undead. We also recommend avoiding fighting multiple zombies at once, as you can quickly get overwhelmed in larger skirmishes.

To know more about Project Zomboid, We at PGG have you covered. How to deal with infections in Project Zomboid

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