How to defeat Arlo in Pokémon Go (December 2021) | All Arlo counters

In Pokémon To go, you’ll find that to get specific Pokémon you’ll have to defeat Team GO Rocket grunts and bosses. The top ones (Cliff, Arlo, Sierra and Giovanni) are often the hardest, but offer the biggest rewards. In this tutorial, we’ll focus on how to defeat Arlo and how to best counter his new Pokémon.

Quick Notes

  • The weaknesses we include are not synonymous with weaknesses. Sometimes these counters will be mentioned for things other than being an opponent’s weak point. Other examples might include their move set or the fact that they are naturally resistant to opponents.
  • These lists are not ranked from best to worst. While we can provide the best counters to use in any match, there is no guarantee that they will fall in any order. The effectiveness of each Pokémon largely depends on your playing style and fighting technique. In this case, we chose to list the counters in alphabetical order instead.
  • Set up the best team: There are several types of Pokémon that we recommend adding to your party, as they go well against many of the Pokémon in Arlo’s lineup. It is best to have some combination of the groups listed below. However, if you only have two of them, you should be up against Arlo pretty well.
    • Any powerful fighting Pokémon
    • Any strong fire Pokémon
    • Any strong steel Pokémon

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Pokémon Round 1

The following list has all the options for this gym chief to use as their first Pokémon.


  • Type: Ground, fly
  • Weak for: Ice
  • Against: Ground, Bug, Electric, Combat, Poison
  • Note: The most effective Pokemon against Gligar are Ice-type Pokémon, which deal 4x damage.
Pokémon Quick attack Charge Attack
Mamoswine Snow powder avalanche
The Darmanitans of Galarian Ice Fang avalanche
Glaceon Breath is like freezing avalanche
Weavile Piece of ice avalanche
Jynx Breath is like freezing avalanche

Pokémon Round 2

The following list has all the options for this gym leader to use as their second Pokémon.


  • Type: Steel, fairy
  • Weak for: Fire, Earth
  • Against: Dragon, Bug, Dark, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Poison, Telepathic, Rock
  • Note: Mawile is resistant to most types of Pokémon. You can’t stray from Fire or Ground if you want to take it down easily.

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Pokémon Quick attack Charge Attack
Reshiram Fire Fang Heat up
Chandeliers Burned Heat up
Darmanitan Fire Fang Heat up
Moltres Fire spine Heat up
Entei Fire Fang Heat up


  • Type: Ice
  • Weak for: Electricity, Fighting, Grass, Rock
  • Against: Ice
Pokémon Quick attack Charge Attack
Thundurus Thunder Thunder
Zekrom Charge Beam Wild fee
Zarude Vine Whip Power Whip
Darkrai Snarl Focus Blast
Lucario Protest Aura Sphere

A skillful way

  • Type: Rocks, grass
  • Weak for: Bugs, Fighting, Ice, Steel
  • Against: Electric, Normal
Pokémon Quick attack Charge Attack
Metagross Bullet Punch Meteor Mash
Dialga Metal claws Iron head
Lucario Protest Aura Sphere
Excadrill Metal claws Iron head
Conkeldurr Protest Focus Blast

Pokémon Round 3

The following list has all the options for this gym head to use as their third Pokémon.


  • Type: Normal
  • Weak for: Fight
  • Against: The spectre
  • Note: Snorlax has high HP and strong attack power. It doesn’t have a lot of stamina (only Ghost), but it also doesn’t have many weaknesses (Fighting only). Ideally you should choose the Combat type for Snorlax.
Pokémon Quick attack Charge Attack
Lucario Protest Aura Sphere
Conkeldurr Protest Dynamic Punch
Machamp Karate Chop Dynamic Punch
Hariyama Protest Dynamic Punch
Blaziken Protest Focus Blast


  • Type: Error, steel
  • Weak for: Fire
  • Against: Grass, Poison, Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Steel
  • Note: Scizor has a super-effective weakness: Fire. It is resistant to most other attack types, so you need to make sure you have a fire Pokémon in your squad in case Arlo pulls Scizor out.
Pokémon Quick attack Charge Attack
Reshiram Fire Fang Heat up
Darmanitan Fire Fang Heat up
Blaziken Fire dancing Explosive burns
Entei Fire dancing Heat up
Heatran Fire dancing Fire explosion


  • Type: Psychic, Fairy
  • Weak for: Ghost, Poison, Steel
  • Against: Dragon, Combat, Telepathy
  • Note: Poison is super effective against Gardevoir, but Gardevoir is also very strong against Poison, so it’s best to avoid poisonous Pokémon. Ghost has no resistance against Gardevoir. The best Pokémon to use are steel Pokémon as they are super effective against Gardevoir and against her attacks.
Pokémon Quick attack Charge Attack
Metagross Bullet Punch Meteor Mash
Chandeliers hex Ball of the ball
Zacian Metal claws Iron head
Hoopa Astonish Ball of the ball
Genesect Metal claws Magnetic Bomb

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Once you’ve found Arlo, you’ll now be ready to take on all of their Pokémon! Check back with this page for occasional updates as they update Pokémon Go!

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