How to defeat Fecto Elfilis in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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After defeating Fecto Forgo, it will absorb Elfilis and become the final boss of Kirby and the forgotten land– Fecto Elfilis! You must defeat this formidable creature on the roof of Lab Discovera before you can see how the game’s ending events unfold, and a whole new world is open to you to explore.

Tips on how to defeat Fecto Elfilis

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Again, you’ll get a Maxim Tomato before a big boss fight, but you might still have one from Waddle Dee Town ahead of you ready for use in battle if you refuse to die. However, you’ll be in good shape if you have Dragon Fire or Blizzard Ice – the magenta Dragon Fire will cling to the boss and deal residual damage if you focus on dodging Fecto Elifis’ many attacks. And a Blizzard Ice shield protects you from most of these attacks, but it takes longer to defeat the boss with ice.

When the battle begins, Fecto will launch Elifi’s spears at you from afar across the sky. Don’t stop moving If he does this twice, then be prepared to dodge as the boss stabs his spear next to you – lightning fast. Quickly it will swing the spear horizontally, so jump and hover over it. Otherwise, your ability to copy will be erased.

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Hover to dodge Fecto Elifis’ damaging spear

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Fecto Elifis will also send his flying spears for you while you’re on the ground. Keep moving, but use the two-second window to attack between javelin shots. During the third set of this attack’s homing spears, Elifis performs another slash. Hover your cursor over these swipes and make sure you do the same hover when Elifis attacks you with the tip of his spear ripping the ground.

Another attack requires good dodge timing. Elifis aims at you from the sky, then snaps a line intended to pass through you as it runs the length of the roof. Dodge this blow, but start this attack on one side of the roof and Keep moving and gliding in the same direction how you dodge The debris left by the spear on the ground will burn and injure you if you walk over it.

Another attack will warn you with multiple shadows on the ground, where huge swords will swoop down and create shockwaves that you’ll have to hover over. And hover over them too huge, continuous beam of energy Fecto Elifis aims at you from the sky.

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Attack the real Fecto Elfilis before it has a chance to heal

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Phase two begins with a roar from Fecto Elifis. You’ve drained his lifespan by about half, and now he’s going to rip a hole in the sky and hurl space rocks at you. You can dodge the smaller ones, but the big one is hard to avoid. Run to the very edge, or glide with dragon fire.

The next part is crucial – Fecto Elifis creates two copies of himself and starts regenerating his life bar. You have to choose and attack the real Elifis in time. Attack each one until they disappear, then you’ll know you’ve got the real one. If you don’t deal enough damage to the real Fecto Elifis before the circle on the ground shrinks too much, much of the boss’ life bar will refill and the fight will be significantly longer.

If you choose the real Fecto Elifis, it won’t be long before you achieve victory and save your friend with it one last sip and vigorous wobbling of the joystick. Good job beating the last boss of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Now sit back and enjoy the ending before the very last world full of new stages opens up to you.

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