How to defeat Ulcerated Tree Spirit in Elden Ring

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Ulcerated Tree Spirit is a boss that you will encounter in Elden Ring and an enemy that you will find in the world. Elden Ring bosses all prevent different challenges and can be difficult to defeat. Here are all the tips and tricks you need to send Ulcerated Tree Spirit to their deaths.

There are two boss variants of the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, along with 4 non-boss variants found in the open world. The open world variants can be defeated when found as you should be close to the recommended level for the area. For the boss variants, the recommended levels are below:

  • Limgrave: Fringefolk Heroes’ Grave – Recommended level 40
  • Giant’s Pinnacles: The Giant’s Pinnacle Catacombs – Recommended level 100

Ulcerated Tree Spirit will always drop a golden seed, which is used to upgrade your flask. While the boss variants also drop additional items. Despite the difficulty, defeating these challenging enemies is worth it.

Ulcerated Tree Spirit General Tips

  • Melee builds should hug the boss’s side.
  • avoid blocking. Dodge timing is critical.
  • When you fight in the open world, Use torrents.
  • fire or frostbite is highly effective.

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Mechanics of the Ulcerated Tree Spirit

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit attacks with a snake-like motion, snaking around the boss arena. There are many different variations of this boss in Elden Ring, but they all share the same attacks and mechanics. The boss is extremely aggressive and will be constantly moving throughout the fight. Due to their immense size and high stamina drain when blocking, using the invisibility frames on your reels is more effective than blocking these attacks.

Roughly speaking, the Ulcerated Tree Spirit has two phases. In phase one it is mostly used physical attacks such as banging his head down, slapping his claw, throwing himself, or biting you. The main attack to avoid is the roar and bite. The Ulcerated Tree Spirit will roar and leap into the air before turning and attempting to bite the player. When this attack bites, it can one-shot most players. you will need time your roll as the Ulcerated Tree Spirit turns to bite.

During the second phase of the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, he will use the same attacks but also have one explosion. This holy fire attack covers the area near the boss before exploding with damage. This attack is difficult to avoid, but you can sprint (or run) out of its range Use torrent when fighting in the open world).

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