How to destroy Bendezium in Metroid Prime Remastered

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One unique aspect of Metroid Prime Remastered is how many unique in-game materials must be destroyed with specific weapons. Bendecium is one such material found in a few locations (Great Tree Hall, Glass in the Magmoor Caverns, etc.). It’s important to keep track of the locations as Samus won’t be able to unlock them until much later in the game.

What weapon destroys Bendezium in Metroid Prime Remastered?

Samus won’t be able to destroy Bendezium in Metroid Prime Remastered without the Power Bomb. These are arguably one of the most powerful tools Samus will ever have in her arsenal, but they don’t come cheap (she only starts with three). To get the Power Bomb upgrade, players must travel through the Phazon Mines

Where can players find the Power Bomb in Metroid Prime Remastered?

To get the Energy Bomb, Samus needs to go to the Phazon Mines. There is an elevator to the mines deep inside the Crashed Frigate Orpheon, specifically in the Great Tree Hall.

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After entering the Phazon Mines, the tunnels inside take Samus down to an area called Central Dynamo, where she must fight the Cloaked Drone. Defeating this boss will give Samus access to a morph ball puzzle that has the Power Bomb hidden inside.

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For first-time players, the Cloaked Drone can be one of the most annoying bosses to face. It is invisible to Samus unless she has the X-Ray Visor, which players most likely don’t have at this point. What players see is an aura around the drone that glows brightly as it fires at Samus.

The Wave Beam is the recommended weapon against this boss, however there is a much easier method. If players have the Wavebreaker, they can spam it to defeat the Cloaked Drone in seconds. To get the Breakwater, simply travel to the Tower of Light behind the room where the Plate Beetle was located in the Chozo Ruins.

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