How to experience fast farm in Yakuza: Like a Dragon – Quick Level Up Guide

There are some points in Yakuza: Like a Dragon where there is a sudden level up of the enemies you will face, so you may find yourself needing to sharpen a bit to level up your team. However, no one wants to spend hours mulling over, so we’ve put together some quick tips to help you up everyone’s level as quickly as possible.

Stopped for a bite to eat

There are many restaurants everywhere in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. When you talk to the host there, you’ll be given the option of ordering a suggested menu or ordering individual dishes. The suggested menu will generally only restore your party’s HP and MP, but if you can unlock the base’s secret menu set it will also give your party a boost in XP earned for a period of time. time. Plus, you’ll get a small cutscene with Ichiban and friends as a reward for ordering certain items.

The fastest way to unlock these set menus is to simply order one of everything on the menu, which can cost anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 yen depending on the establishment. It can be an expensive task to unlock every set menu at all the restaurants in the game, but if you do Ichiban Holdings’ business management mini game then money won’t be an issue for you. This XP boost doesn’t last too long but it can come in handy as you try to perfect those final levels.

Raise your relationship level

When new team members join your party, they will initially only receive a small amount of experience per encounter. However, as you improve Ichiban’s relationship with them by hanging out in the Survive Bar with them, they will earn more and more XP per encounter even if they’re not in the party.

Upgrade their relationship with Ichiban to level 5 and they will earn the same amount of XP as active party members, eliminating the need to grind with multiple groups. Do this as soon as possible to save you a lot of time later in the game.

Hit Dungeons and Battle Arenas

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You’ll find that the normal enemies roaming the streets of Injincho or Sontenburi don’t provide the bountiful amount of XP you might want, even with the tips above applied. Normal enemies quickly become irrelevant as they level up rapidly, but there are three good points to crushing battles in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. The first two are dungeons that are opened throughout the story. The first area is located in Injincho and is in Chapter 7 of the plot while the second is not available until Chapter 15. These areas have respawn enemies, so they are great to traverse a lot. times to gain experience.

However, the fastest place to earn XP is Sontenburi Battle Arena. It is available in Chapter 12 of the game when Ichiban and his crew arrive in Osaka for a story mission. There are 30 floors in total, with the enemies on the top 10 ranging between levels 45 and 55. You’ll also get rare items needed to craft weapons and armor on these floors, so you should craft this gauntlet pass at least once before the end of Chapter 12. Every floor above level 20 will probably give your party another level, so this is a quick way to get through. those levels. How to experience fast farm in Yakuza: Like a Dragon – Quick Level Up Guide

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