How to find and defeat the Incquisitor in Fortnite

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Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games because of its constantly evolving content that continues to entertain its players, like creative play and fun, unique events like Fortnitemares. Fortnitemares is one of the best events happening in Fortnite and allows players to get into that spooky Halloween spirit and earn some fun rewards. It also usually means some surprising additions to the island, such as: B. Unique bosses to face.

Incquisitor boss location in Fortnite

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Grim gables is a Halloween-themed named location on the map, located between Chromejam Junction and Shiny Sound. However, you must go to the depths of the Grim Gables house for the Incquisitor boss to spawn. If you can, land at Grim Gables’ main house and make your way to the lowest floor possible. You may have to break through the ground to get there mine shaft while trying to avoid spawning zombies. Here you can see a mark carved into the ground surrounded by fires. The Incquisitor appears immediately when the fires are lit around the carving.

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How to beat Grim Gables boss Incquisitor in Fortnitemares

The Incquisitor, like most bosses, has a shield and health layer. That means he can be quite a tank when it comes to defeating him. You’ll need to get rid of his shield to do any decent damage and defeat him. However, he is also capable of dealing massive damage to you with damaging projectiles like fire and other attacks with his SMG or Pumpkin Launcher that you want to avoid. Try to keep moving as much as possible to avoid getting hit by him.

Explosives are a great way to deal huge damage to him instantly. So look for pumpkin launchers, goo guns or grenades before approaching him. It’s also an excellent idea to make sure you’re shielded and have the proper defenses in place before attempting to fight him. Ultimately, the best way to take him down is to team up with a few friends in a duo or squad. That way you can have double the firepower and even if he’s targeting a person you’ll have some support.

What reward does the Incquisitor drop?

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If you manage to defeat the Incquisitor, you can claim his Ink Quisitor’s Mythically Suppressed SMG. Mythics are one of the best rarities you can get in the game, with increased firepower and DPS. If you can get your hands on this Inquisitor SMG, you’ll have a deadly, fast-firing weapon that could potentially earn you the Victory Royale. He also has a chance to wield an Epic or Legendary Pumpkin Launcher, which you can collect as well.

Bosses like this one will definitely continue to appear on the island, especially during Fortnitemares. They can drop amazing loot that will benefit you greatly if you strive to be the last player standing. Keep checking back to see when more exciting content is added to the game!

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