How to get all North Vern Cooking Collectibles in Lost Ark


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You can find Cooking collectibles in every region of Lost Ark. The process of finding or crafting each one can be difficult if you don’t know what to do. Luckily, we’ve rounded up all of the chef collectibles for the continent of North Vern below. While many of these require multiple steps, some just require purchase.

Where to find all Cook collectibles in North Vern in Lost Ark

Below you can find each cooking collectible in the North Vern Adventurer’s Tome. For a more detailed explanation of the collectibles listed below, click on the name to go to the relevant page.

Vern Jubilee Spirits

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Roy Inside Roy’s wine bar has the alcohol you are looking for. Look for Vern Jubilee Ghosts in the ingredients tab of his shop. they cost 18,000 silver each.

Be sure to purchase a second bottle if you aim for full completion. Long live the Queen! requires Vern Anniversary Spirits, the final and most difficult food item found in North Vern.

Ranger Salad from Balankar

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Once you have found this item you will also need it 900 silver to make the salad once you return Stelia the cook in Castle Vern.

Exit the safe zone to the east and hug the wall on the right when you reach Parnas Sanctum Triport. You will randomly discover the spot to harvest vines at the bottom of the climb.

While you’re here, we recommend harvesting two vines. You need a second Ranger Salad from Balankar to craft this Long live the Queen! So grab the ingredients for a second salad right away.

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Proxima course meal

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There’s an NPC in there Rania village At market street named Luigia. She sells two necessary ingredients:

  • Proximal star – 18,000 silver
  • Proxima Root – 18,000 silver

You can find both ingredients in the ingredients Tab.

You can only get the next ingredient, natural proxima skin, by killing vicinity. Proxima is a raid world boss that appears every 24 hours. The raid world boss appears on your map when you visit the Vernese Forest. Visit our World Boss Proxima guide for a walkthrough on how to find and kill Proxima.

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Cook Stelia at the Castle Vern can help you complete and craft the recipe Proxima course meal. Cook Stelia is located in gourmet restaurant on the west side of Castle Vern. You must craft the final ingredients with Stelia before you can ask her to prepare the Proxima course meal.

Before crafting the Proxima course meal, you need to craft the following items:

  • Proxima lettuce – 900 silver
  • Proxima Root Nugget – 900 silver

After crafting them, you can finally craft the Proxima course meal. Have Cook Stelia make it 1,400 silver to end your adventure.


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Stelia, the cook at Vern Castle, can craft Harmony for you once you collect the three components. You will need it too 1,700 silver to create harmony. The three ingredients for harmony can be obtained from yo hye in Castle Vern by buying fresh cocktails. Each fresh cocktail costs 150 silver.

If you right-click on the fresh cocktail in your inventory, it will become one of three items:

  • A questionable cocktail
  • A spicy cocktail
  • A tasty cocktail

To craft Harmony, you need one of each of these items. In our experience, you won’t have any trouble getting a spicy cocktail or a questionable cocktail. Your only challenge is to get a tasty cocktail.

We were able to make a great tasting cocktail after using only 22 fresh cocktails which cost 3,300 silver. Harmony is one of the cheapest and easiest dishes to find in the Adventurer’s Tome.

Goblin Fish Soup

By paying 900 silver You can get the two ingredients you need for the goblin fish soup from Stelia, the cook in Vern Castle.

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You can find the unknown soup ingredient in the Goblin Village in Parna forest. It’s in one cooking pot next to which is a sick goblin.

Don’t forget to grab a second helping of Unknown Soup while you’re here. The Goblin Fish Soup is an ingredient of Long live the Queen! So it is necessary to prepare another soup after the first one.

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You can also find the ingredient Goblin’s Fish in the Goblin Village. Continue into the village until you reach the area marked above that looks like a food storage area. The goblin fish is in a barrel in the southwest corner of the area. Make sure you grab a second goblin fish while you’re here.

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Fesnar mushroom stew

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You can cook the single ingredient in Fesnar Mushroom Stew by paying 1,400 silver to Stelia, the cook Castle Vern. Poisonous Fesnar Mushrooms can be found on the north side of the Fesnar Highlands. You can jump down a small cliff if you head north from the Tomb of Swords. The mushroom is in a small bush just above the area you jump down into.

Just slide your face along the top side of this sunken area until you see a prompt to investigate if you’re still having trouble finding it.

Don’t forget to collect the second batch of Fesnar Toadstools while you’re here. You need a second Fesnar Mushroom Stew to make this Long live the Queen! dish, so you can grab the mushroom you need for that right now.

Long live the Queen!

Crafting the Long Live the Queen! in Lost Ark requires the crafting of many other collectibles.

Each ingredient is actually just a cooking collectible that requires its own set of steps. Long live the Queen! You will need these ingredients:

  • Proxima course meal – 39,200 Silver required
  • Ranger Salad from Balankar – 900 silver required
  • harmony – Cost us 5,000 silver
  • Goblin Fish Soup – 900 silver required
  • Vern Jubilee Spirits – 18,000 Silver required

You’ll lose all of these if you do Long Live the Queen, so make sure you’re okay with losing them! bring it to Cook Stelia at the Castle Vern if you have all these ingredients.

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Go to Cook Stelia which is in the gourmet restaurant on the west side of Castle Vern. You have to pay them 1,700 silver cram all those ingredients into one, and you finally have Long Live the Queen!

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