How to get all Yudia Cooking collectibles in Lost Ark

You can find Cooking collectibles in every region of Lost Ark. The process of finding or crafting each one can be difficult if you don’t know what to do. Luckily, we’ve rounded up all of the cook collectibles for the Yudia continent below. While many of these require multiple steps, some just require purchase.

Where to find all Cook collectibles in Rethramis in Lost Ark

Below is every cook collectible in the Adventurer’s Tome of Yudia. For a more detailed explanation of the collectibles listed below, click on the name to go to the relevant page.

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Salt Grilled Salt Bug can be found southeast of the Nomad Camp, just south of the path leading to Thorngrip Den. There are a few lonely trees and ice crystals here. you are looking for a lonely tree next to an old flag.

There are three ice crystals below the path that leads east on the minimap. If you examine the base in the apartment you will find the Salt Grilled Salt Beetle.

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To find the Natural Mungka Jerky, you must go directly north of the entrance to the Yudia region. When you come Rethramis border, head straight north into the Yudia region from the Saland Hill entrance, but it’s not a straight line. Stay near the southern border while following the path west, then head east.

Eventually, you’ll come across a lone tree next to some Plain Saltbug enemies and a bush below. They don’t harm you or attack you in any way, so you can let them live if you want. In the bush you will find an investigation point and after a short wait you will receive the Natural Mungka Jerky.

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you will need Saltworm droppings to make worm filter coffee. You can find Salt Worm Poop northeast of the nomad camp. Using either path, navigate to the northeast corner of the North Region. The location is marked in the picture above.

Under a bush you’ll find a dirty saltworm monster guarding its poop located between two felled trees. Examine it and after a while you will get it Saltworm droppings. Be quick though, because these enemies are hostile, and if they attack you while you’re investigating, you’ll have to kill them before you can continue.

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To get the hidden Encavian liquor bottle, you need to enter the second dungeon of the Yudia region. Sapira Cave. Enter the dungeon by teleporting there Triport to Sapira Cave entrance.

You can access the area below Sapira Cave by sliding down a ramp in Sapira Cave. There are many enemies to kill in this section, but after the blue quest area is gone, you can roam the area at your leisure.

Head back to where you slid down, hug the right wall, and you’ll eventually come across a fence and a couple of bundles of crates grouped together. The investigation point is behind these crates. Interact with it and after a few seconds you will get the Hidden Encavian Liquor Bottle.

Once the liquor is acquired, go to Cook Hella in nomadic campand turn it into Ancient Encavian wine to the 1,400 silver.

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You need to improve your relationship with Donner the Shaman in Saland Hill to get leftovers of the Rainmaking Ritual. To get this item you need to reach the Rapport to Trusted which is level four. Adding an item to your Adventurer’s Tome is as simple as right-clicking on the item in your inventory.

Speak to Donner to check your rapport. You can find it at the top of the screen. Raising your rapport to level four will take time. Check back each day to see if you’ve given her any gifts or other actions.

You can gift Donner, perform emotes, play music, and complete quests to improve your rapport. If you improve your relationship with her, she will give you gifts. You’ll eventually get Rainmaker Ritual Leftovers, a cooking collectible needed for the Adventurer’s Tome.

To claim leftovers from the Rainmaking Ritual, go to adventure in the lower right bar, then click rapport or press Alt + N. Then click Juliathen press claim reward or the magnifying glass in the corner. Finally press claim reward under trustworthy.

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Salty Crackers are not easy to come by as they are based on luck. In general, procurement shouldn’t take too long. The stuff you need to find is salt crystals.

Go to Salttree Habitat Triport, and head north until you can follow the path east. Go south and you’ll eventually come across a boulder, a tree, and a bush next to a fence.

There’s an investigation point in the location, and you’ll find Salt Crystals – seven at a time – so be sure to collect lots of them. This is where gambling comes in. Open your inventory and right click on the salt crystals. In most cases, they turn into an item called a Broken Cracker, which is useless other than destroying it.

Eventually you will get one salt crackers, optional You’re not picking up Salt Crystal all the time, so all you have to do is right-click. We got our cracker after 12 tries.

Salted Food Box

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You need to find the Old Encavian Food Chest to craft a Salted Food Box. Go to Newatia Ruins in Ozhorn Hill to get the Old Encavian Food Chest. This is the fastest way to get to the Assembly Area Triport once you have unlocked that Triport.

When you are in the ruins, you must go to the south-east area of ​​the site. Just follow the map by pressing the tab key until you reach the spot marked by the red square in the image above.

In this location you will find a few mimics along with some crates, and other monsters will also be roaming around. Look at a wooden plank hanging precariously over a hole above the crate and kill them all. This is your investigative point. Interact with it and the Old Encavian food chest will be added to your inventory.

Once the food crate has been acquired, go back to Chef Hella in nomadic campand Turn it into a Salted Food Box for 1,400 silver.

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