How to get and use the MC Command Center in The Sims 4

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The Sims 4 The community is great at adding their own flavor to the game, including crazy mods. While MC Command Center can contribute to incredible gameplay, it’s also handy for adding handy enhancements to your game. For example, don’t you sometimes wish your neighbors would have their own lives, such as marriages and children? MC Command Center can help with this.

How to set up the MC Command Center

Ever wanted to control your Sim’s entire world down to the smallest detail? Then read on for a guide on how to get one of the best mods in The Sims 4.

Note that this process requires that downloaded folders be moved to The Sims 4 Mods folder. Read and follow these steps carefully before customizing your game files. Mods are performed at the user’s own risk.

Step One: Go to Deaderpool’s Blog

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The MCCC mod was created by Deaderpool who still hosts the download on his personal blog. From there navigate to MCCC Downloads Tab. This will show you all the latest versions of the mod with helpful descriptions for compatibility.

Step Two: Download and unzip the file

After you Find the most compatible download Proceed with your Sims 4 setup by clicking on it in the Release column. This will start downloading the ZIP file. Once you access the file, unzip it to view all of the individual documents.

Step three: Place the download in the mods folder

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After unzipping the file, you will see several items inside. Move all folders into your mods folder which is inside the Electronic Arts folder which contains your Sims 4 folder (which is in your documents). This allows the mod to work.

Note: If you have other mods and want to keep them organized, you can add a folder level for the mods folders. For example, you can create an MCCC folder in the mods folder, but not another one in the MCCC folder. If you do this, the mods will not be recognized by the game.

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Step 4: Edit and save the Resource.cfg file

If you are installing MCCC for the first time, you must edit and save the Resource.cfg file. This is necessary the first time, but only once (even if you update the mod). Also, you only need to do this if you don’t use certain subfolders in your mods folder. If you’re organizing with folders, you can skip this step.

To start, right-click Resource.cfg and choose Open. Use Notepad to open the file. Make sure the file looks like this:

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If everything looks correct, save the file and get ready to launch your game.

Step 5: Start your game and check if the mod is running

Open Origin and launch The Sims 4. From there go to the menu and select Game Options and then Other. In this field, make sure the check boxes are checked Enable custom content and mods And Script mods allowed.

After entering the game, a popup should appear introducing MCCC to your game. If this doesn’t happen, the mod won’t work.

Step 6: Go to a PC or a Sim

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To find the settings you commonly use for MCCC, go to either a computer in a household or to your sim. Click on either to find the settings (labeled MC command center or an icon from Deaderpool).

Step 7: Make sure you stay tuned

Whenever there are updates in the game, you have to do this Update MCCC. This applies to all mods and custom content in The Sims 4. Be sure to keep an eye on Deaderpool’s website for updates.

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