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Getting V4 in any race is a quick way to rollover enemies in Blox Fruits. Surprisingly, Human is also one of the best races to get to V4. Even though V4 is one of the earlier classes that players usually get, it just takes it to a new level. However, it will take some time before you get it.

How to unlock Blox Fruits Human V4 players?

Before starting this quest, Blox Fruits players should do a few things beforehand. First off, of course, Human V2 and V3 are required to get the fourth upgrade. Second, players should have defeated rip_indra for this to work. Players need three haki colors and a god chalice to spawn rip_indra.

Once this is done, players should go to the stone table where King Redhead is trapped (inside the Castle by the Sea). King Red Head will say some words after which players should go to the Big Tree.

After you get to the top there will be an NPC called MISC. Talk to them and the player will be transported to the Temple of Time. There will be another NPC to talk to in the Temple of Time. After that, the player will be sent back from the Great Tree.

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Once that happens, players can return to the King Red Head tablet, where he mentions that powers work best “on the full moon”. However, since players are waiting for that full moon to continue the quest, picking up a mirror fractal is a good idea.

In order to obtain a Mirror Fractal, players must defeat Cake King, who, appropriately, can be spawned with a Cake Chalice (a god’s chalice made from 10 summoned cocoa). Once the full moon rises, head to Mirage Island with the mirror fractal. Find the highest point of Mirage Island, use the human ability and stare at the moon for 15 seconds.

This will spawn a light blue gear anywhere on the island. Once players grab this, they can return to the Temple of Time. It’s best to do this right away, otherwise players will have to wait for the next full moon to appear to try again.

In the Temple of Time, players need at least two other players of different races to be there as well. Each player must stand at their race’s door and activate their race’s ability. This will open the door to certain trials that will be the test of strength for those who use human ability.

The Trial of Strength is basically a boss mob. Players have one minute to defeat the boss, after which they enter another room to fight against the other players who entered the Temple of Time. This may sound a little crude, but after winning this, players simply have to place the gear they found in the Ancient Clock and have awakened Human V4.

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