How to get Mothim in Pokémon GO – step by step

Mothim Pokemon GO

Source: Niantic

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The latest event in Pokemon GOFestival of Colors introduced a new set of challenges to the game.

One of the toughest new missions will ask you to track down Mothim – an elusive creature that’s harder to find than you’d expect. If you want to figure out how to get Mothim in Pokemon GO and complete the challenge, here’s everything you need to know.

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How to get Mothim in Pokémon GO.

If you try to bring in Mothim Pokemon GO, you must catch and evolve a Burmy. However, not every Burmy will work, as the female and male versions of Burmy evolve into different Pokémon.

That means you want to capture a male Burmy, which will eventually evolve into Mothim.

Festival of Colors Burmy

Source: Niantic

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Once you’ve acquired a male Burmy (check his profile and look to the right of his name for the male or female symbol) you simply need to feed him 50 Burmy candies.

This will turn your Burmy into a Mothim. If you accidentally caught a female Burmy, you can feed her 50 Burmy Candy to make her evolve into a Lady Worm.

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if a Burmy is male or female until you catch it. Because of this, be sure to catch every Burmy you come across – with a bit of luck, you should be able to catch a male Burmy after just a few tries.

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Also note that Mothim is not currently found in the wild. This makes catching and evolving a Burmy the only way to get Mothim in Pokemon GO.

In other words, don’t go for a walk expecting to encounter a Mothim, as there’s no chance you’ll ever see one (although that might change with a future update).

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How to get Burmy Candy in ‘Pokemon GO’:

Bring in Burmy Candy Pokemon GO Is simple. Either catch as many Burmy as you can or take Burmy for a walk as a buddy – doing both will earn you some Burmy Candy.

Accumulating 50 Burmy Candies may take a while but as this is the only way to get Mothim in Pokemon GOthe extra effort is worth it.

Better yet, Burmy is appearing more frequently than usual during the Festival of Colors, which runs through March 14th. Plant Cloak Burmy, Sand Cloak Burmy, and Trash Cloak Burmy are more likely to be observed in the wild, and all three will evolve into Mothim (as long as they are male).

Be sure to take advantage of their increased spawn rate to find and catch as many as you can, as it’s an easy way to earn Burmy Candies and get yourself a Mothim. How to get Mothim in Pokémon GO – step by step

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