How to get research parts in Dredge

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Research Parts are an essential resource in Dredge because as a fisherman you must constantly upgrade your boat to improve your fishing yield with upgrades such as increased speed and new rod types. How to get research parts in Dredge.

How to find research parts in Dredge

There are four Main ways to get your hands on research pieces in Dredge, with some proving more successful than others. Although most of the time it’s because of that Luck.

  • Explore
  • Dredge
  • complete pursuits
  • traveling merchant

The best ways to get research parts in Dredge

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If you explore the sea, you will come across it sparkles with which you can interact. Often it’s lore or tracking, but sometimes you get lucky and find a cache of it Items found between an old wreck. And if you’re particularly lucky, this includes a research part or two.

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Once you unlock and start Dredge, you can sometimes call a research part rather than a fish or any junk. This method isn’t all that common, so don’t make it your main source.

complete pursuits

Some pursuits, also known as side quests, can lead to a research portion as a reward upon completion. The Recording rarities In particular, the pursuit where you have to catch a gulper eel, a coelacanth, an oarfish and a goliath tigerfish will hook you eight research parts.

traveling merchant

If you have the coin left, the traveling merchant on Rusty Pontoon sometimes stocks Research Parts $300 one piece. She fill up every few days, so it’s worth checking back often to see if they have more for sale.

How to use research parts in Dredge

Once you get your hands on a research piece, anchor your boat to any dock and you’ll see three icons: Undock, Rest, and Research. Click on the latter and you will be redirected to research menuwhere you can spend your research parts on boat upgrades rods, Engines, potsAnd nets. When you unlock an upgrade, it becomes available for buy at the shipbuilder.

Some upgrades cost several Research parts to unlock, especially the later game parts. So you need to save your research parts if you want the best upgrades for your boat.

What to spend research parts on first in Dredge

There are three main concerns when it comes to your boat upgrades and which one you prioritize first depends on yours preferences. If you want a faster boat, you should spend your first research parts on it Improved Outboard Motor and then the Twin prop engine.

If you’d rather catch more fish early, you can Flexible fishing rod is a good choice as it adds Coastal And Shallow catches to your arsenal, as well as a 50% fishing speed buffQ. After that hydraulic rod adds Oceanic Fishing.

There are also upgrades for pots and nets, but they’re not as important as rods and engines, at least not initially. We would recommend prioritize your boat speed And catch species before points are dumped into them.

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