How to level up skills in Core Keeper

If you’re wondering how to level up your skills in Core Keeper, it’s quite simple. In order to improve skills, you must do what the skill is intended for. For example, if you want to improve mining, you will need Mine Ore Walls.

The more you use a skill, the more unique passive bonuses will also increase your abilities in the skill. The passive increases to a maximum rank of 100 the more you use the skill. In addition to a higher passive bonus, leveling up your skills also gives you skill points.

You can then use these skill points in the skill’s talent tree to unlock skill ranks. However, there are over nine skills in Core Keeper, and below is how to level them all.

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capabilities How to level
Mining In order to improve mining in Core Keeper, players must mine both walls and walls of ore. As more players level up and use their mining skills, the more mining damage they receive as a passive bonus.
vitality To increase Vitality in Core Keeper, players must kill enemies. The more enemies they kill, the more maximum health players get.
Cook To improve cooking in Core Keeper, players need to collect cooking ingredients such as plants and meat. Once players have one of the two types of ingredients, they must prepare one of them in a cooking pot. The more players cook food, the higher their cooking skill becomes. Leveling Cooking also increases a passive skill that increases the chance of gaining additional cooked food when cooking.
fishing To improve fishing, players need to get a fishing rod and fish at special locations near water. As more players fish and level up, more passives increase the chance of getting both fish and treasure.
ranged combat To improve ranged combat, players must use ranged weapons. The more players use ranged weapons, the more ranged damage they gain through a special passive.
melee To improve melee combat. Players must use melee weapons such as swords. The more players use melee weapons, the more power they gain.
Handcraft To level up crafting, players simply need to craft items at crafting stations. Finally, players gain skill points and increase a passive ability that increases the physical durability of items.
gardening To improve gardening, players need to grow and harvest crops. As more players harvest crops, they increase more passives that allow them to gain additional crops when harvesting.
To run Improving running in Core Keeper is easy, just run and players will improve the skill. The more players run, the faster the movement speed will be thanks to a special passive.

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