How to play Astra in Valorant: Abilities, tips and tricks

As Valuable substanceAstra’s fourth controller, Astra may look beautiful but her abilities are not for the faint of heart. Here is a guide to Valorant Astra that will give you all the necessary knowledge to play her effectively.

Valorant’s Controller team has been quite limited for a while, but with Game About Astra, Agent Ghanian bends the universe to her liking, Controller power everywhere is rejoicing.

However, there is no other Agent like her, and her abilities are quite complicated at first glance. If you love tactical thinking, then Astra is definitely the one for you. Here are our top tips and tricks that will help you tame the space breaker.


Deodorant 15 Astra
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The Astra is more of a Rear Seat Controller.

Valorant Astra: ability

While Astra’s kits may seem confusing at first, it only takes a little getting used to. Her kit is completely disinterested, and focuses on setting traps to trap enemies rather than shooting them one shot. Her stars are the perfect tool to synergize and slow enemies, or go wrong with her signature Nebula smoke.

  • Possibility 1 – Gravity Well (25 second cooldown): Place the stars in Astral (X) form. ACTIVATE a Star to form a Gravity Well. Players in the area are pulled towards the center before it explodes, leaving all players still trapped inside fragile.
  • Ability 2 – Nova Pulse (25 second cooldown): Place the stars in Astral (X) form. ACTIVATE the Star to detonate Nova Pulse. Nova Pulse attacks quickly then attacks, causing all players in its area to be shaken.
  • Ability 3 – Nebula / Disappear (1 free, 150 credits, 15 second cooldown after dissipating): Place the stars in Astral (X) form. ACTIVATE a Star to turn it into a Nebula (smoke). Use (F) on a star to scatter it, returning the star to its new position after a period of time. Briefly disperses forming a pseudo-nebula at the Star’s location before returning.
  • Ability Signature – Astral Form (150 Credits): ACTIVE to enter Astral Form where you can place KEY FIRE Stars. The stars can be reactivated later, turning them into Nova Pulse, Nebula, or Gravity Well.
  • Ultimate Ability – Divide the Universe (7 points): When the universe is charged, use SECOND FIRE in Spirit Form to initiate targeting, then KEY FIRE to pick two locations. The infinite cosmic divide connects two points of your choice. Cosmic division blocks bullets and reduces heavy sound.

Unlike its contemporaries, Astra at first glance has six different abilities. In fact, this is not the case. The first part of her Ultimate Ability (Spirit Form) offers a space-themed map view and allows her to plot where her stars are going. If you do it wrong, Dissipate is used to remove the star.

Her more impactful abilities are Gravity Well, Nova Pulse, and Nebula, with her Cosmic Split being the most powerful of them all. With the ability to counter map the way she wants, Astra’s ultimate is pretty strong.

How to play Astra

Valorant Astra Abilties
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Astra’s ability is to control her Stars.

As noted above, Astra’s position in Future Earth meta is making sure her team can use her array of tricks to their advantage. From the back line, she’s in charge of cutting off important routes and giving her allies a good chance to attack.

The most effective way to do this is to use her Gravity Well. Dropping it at a critical choke point will pull enemies in place and allow you to stack them to take them down one by one. Both A Tower and Mid Window on Haven are good examples of this.

However, it is her ultimate that is the real game changer. Can cut parts of the map, it deflects projectiles to keep teammates safe while planting or disorienting, and also has a muted sound. If you’re on the opposite side and are forced to step over a radiant purple wall, you’re really risking everything.

Astra has her pitfalls. More importantly, when approaching her Soul, she remains seated in a place where there is no view of enemies, making her an easy target. Make sure you have a communication team or find a safe spot to drop your stars, or else you’re a sitting duck (literally).

Also, she deals very little damage. If you don’t have a quick trigger finger, you might feel like you’ve achieved nothing on the battlefield. Patience is key, but if that doesn’t suit your style of play, it can take quite a while to get used to.

So that’s how to play as Astra in Valorant. Looking for more Valorant tutorials? Here’s how to play all Future Earth heroes:

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