How to play Junker Queen in Overwatch 2 tips and skills guide

The Overwatch 2 beta has been released with the brand new heroine, Junker Queen. Junker Queen is a new tank hero in Overwatch 2 with a very unique kit and passive ability. Here’s everything you need to succeed as an Aussie queen.

Junker Queen Abilities

Junker Queen fulfills an aggressive berserker playstyle centered around her unique passive wound. The wound is inflicted on opponents with the Jagged Blade or Carnage ability. If the Squire Queen didn’t throw her blade, it can also be applied through a quick melee attack. This passive heals you over time while dealing damage to enemies.

  • scatter gun (Weapon) – A short range Pump action shotgun.
  • Serrated Blade (Alternate Fire) – Active: Throw your blade at an enemy. Can be reactivated to return it. Adds wound Effect. passive: Fast melee combat wounds enemies.
  • carnage (‘E’ ability) wound all enemies in front of you that deal damage over time.
  • commanding scream (‘LShift’ ability) – Increase your health at 200 and near allies health by 100. Increased movement speed by 30%.
  • Rampage (Ultimate) – charge forward. wounded enemieswhich deal damage over time and prevent them from being healed.
  • adrenaline rush (Passive) – Heal from all damage caused by wounds over time.

In Overwatch 2, all roles also have an additional passive. For tanks, this reduces recoil received and less Ultimate generated from healing and taking damage to the tank.

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Junker Queen General Tips

The Junker Queen is an aggressive tank with no shield or ability to mitigate damage taken by your team. To be effective, you must pose a threat to the enemy by being aggressive, applying the wound effect as often as possible, and staying alive in combat.

  • Commanding Shout is your primary tanking ability.
    • On offense, use it as the first ability to signal your team to attack.
    • Use it defensively to protect your support from attackers.
  • Serrated Blade pulls enemies towards it when brought back when stuck with the blade. Try to hold support to pull them to your team for easy kills.
    • The blade can also inflict wounds on enemies in its path when it returns to you.
    • Spend some time in the practice area to get used to the projectile drop, you should aim over the target you are trying to hit.
  • Rampage charges in a straight line in front of you, try to line up as many enemies as possible, similar to Reinhardt’s Earthshatter.
  • Fast melee often to inflict wounds. Quick Melee deals bonus damage even as Junker Queen.

Junker Queen playstyle

Junker Queen shares many similarities with Reinhardt’s playstyle, as you want to get close to enemies and apply as much pressure as possible. In Junker Queen, on the other hand, you use your skills to inflict wounds on as many enemies as possible to stay alive. Aim your shouts of command to help you close the distance to enemies to follow Carnage to apply the wound effect, then fight with DPS and support, leaving the enemy tank behind as Junker Queen isn’t enough has damage to kill tanks without help. If you hit an enemy with Jagged Blade, chase them with your scattergun when you draw them as they have time to escape Carnage.

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