How To: Play Roulette online

Roulette is a casino game that’s spun its way through the many centuries since its birth, standing the test of time and technological advancements, to become classed by many around the world as a casino classic.

For those yet to spin the iconic wheel for the very first time, we’ve put together a small How To guide, to help you navigate gameplay when playing Roulette casino games at, or another casino provider offering a spin of the wheel via their virtual casino floor.

Read on to find out more.

What is Roulette?

To play a game, it’s best to know exactly what it is and what it involves. Essentially, Roulette is a game of chance and prediction, with the aim to correctly predict the outcome of the game, by placing a wager on the table within a box representing the compartments found within the wheel.

Having travelled through many centuries, since the early 1700s, to eventually find itself on your screen, Roulette has been played by millions of across the globe.

Over time, there have been two variants of the game created, both played identically, yet with one small difference – the zeros.

The difference between Americana and European Roulette

As mentioned above, the zeros are the only one difference between the two variants of Roulette.

Known as the American version, due to the country’s unwavering popularity for this version over the other, this game contains a total of 38 numbers on its wheel with the usual 1 – 36, however, these numbers are joined by a single zero and double zero pockets. The house edge for this variant is 5.25%.

The European version also contains numbers 1 – 36, yet only contains one single zero pocket. With the double zero taken away, the house edge is lowered to 2.7%, which made this version more desirable to players in European casino establishments when first hitting the casino floors.

What do you need for a game of roulette?

A game of Roulette, whether played online, live or in person, will consist of a few elements:

  • A Roulette wheel
  • A corresponding table
  • Betting chips
  • A dealer/croupier – If playing a computer-generated game, the computer will act as the dealer
  • A small white ball, also known as a pill
  • You – The player!

How to play

To begin any game of Roulette, the dealer will open the betting window. It’s during this time you’ll need to place your bets. When playing online within a computer-generated game, you’ll need to select your wager price and select which virtual betting chips you’d like to place on the table. If playing a live game, streamed to your device, you’ll still need to select your wager price and select your betting chips to place on the real-life table in the specialist studio.

When enough bets are placed, or the timeframe has counted down to zero, the dealer will close the betting window and no further bets will be allowed to be placed.

The wheel will begin to spin and the ball entered into play.

Once the ball comes to a complete stop, the dealer will place a marker within the box on the table that corresponds to the wheel, to signal the winning pocket, where the ball has landed.

The dealer will then clear the table of dead bets and awards payouts to any players who predicted correctly.

The table will be cleared fully once more, ready for a new game to begin.

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
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