How to play the dice board game in the Tears of Themis – Electrifying Night event.

The Tears of Themis Electrifying Night event is expiring March 25, 2022 to April 8, 2022. The main highlight of this event is a dice board game that will guide you and your date of choice through the trendy nightlife of Stellis City.

By understanding how the board game works, you can optimize your gameplay so you maximize rewards and don’t miss important landmarks. Access the event by clicking Electrifying Night icon above the X-Note. The game board can be a bit overwhelming at first, so here is a breakdown of the game mechanics.


Click on the dice at the bottom of the screen to roll a number from one to six, which determines your step count. You will, of course, restore a cube every hour.


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There are different cells you can land on, and each one leads to a different task, reward, debate, or puzzle.

  1. puzzle cell: DAVIS asks you a question and grants you Wishing Coins for the correct answer.
  2. gift cell: You will receive a reward – usually upgrade materials.
  3. order cell: You will be given an investigation task, which usually involves stopping at a puzzle cell within the specified number of turns.
  4. asset cell: You will receive Wishing Coins.
  5. supply cell: You get a dice.
  6. multiplier cell: You get a buff that increases the number of rewards you get when you step on a certain number of cells. This can increase the rate of receiving Wishing Coins, gifts, and more.
  7. lucky cell: You can choose one of two random items that can help you play the board game.

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teleportation point

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Apart from the above cells, you can also come across a Cell that looks like a purple portal, which shows the position of the teleport point. It is highly recommended Always land on a teleport point using items as it takes you to the trendy bar where you will encounter a second board that contains all gift, supply or wealth cells or a combination of the three plus multiplier cells.

The counter at the top left of the board game shows you how many more steps you have to take for a teleport point to appear. The first teleport point will be Spawn at 100 stepswhile the other five spawn at 200 steps each. You can only enter six teleport points throughout the event and if you do this successfully you will be rewarded with one Electrifying Badge.


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You can collect various items by completing tasks and getting them from reward cells. These are very useful to help you progress on the game board. It is highly recommended to keep some important items like the charged cubes to complete tasks or reach teleportation points.

  1. Greeting card: Grants you 10,000 Stellin.
  2. roller blades: Walk 10 steps.
  3. Hip Hop Microphone: Increases the band stage.
  4. Colorful speaker: Summons the Event Staff to a nearby cell.
  5. Penguin slippers: Activates the next five cells you pass.
  6. Loaded Dice: Allows you to select the number of steps to run from one to six. It does not consume normal dice rolls.

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Special NPCs

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There are three types of Event Staff that you can encounter in random cells on the game board. With casual outfits grants you up to 36 Wish Coins based on the damage you deal during the debate.

Meanwhile, the event staff has dressed up rabbit costumes give you S chips depending on the difficulty. If you fail to defeat the bunny event staff, you can keep trying until you succeed.

difficulty hp Recommended performance S-Cip reward
Light 35,500 38,833 24
normal 99,300 112,978 36
Heavy 114,200 151,697 48

The third Event Staff is a friendly robot, who asks you a question with no right answer. Answer any question to get a random item reward.

Band Stage Level

The Band stage can be leveled up by completing it a full lap around the board or with the hip hop microphone. The higher the level, the more reward options you get when you come across a Lucky Cell.

  • Level 1: Wish coin, loaded dice
  • Level 2: Wishing Coin, Loaded Dice, Rollerblades
  • Level 3: Wishing Coin, Loaded Dice, Rollerblades
  • Level 4: Wish coin, loaded dice, rollerblades, colorful speaker
  • Level 5: Wishing Coin, Loaded Dice, Roller Blades, Hip Hop Mic
  • Stage 6: Wishing coin, loaded dice, rollerblades, hip hop mic, penguin slippers
  • Stage 7: Wish coin, loaded dice, rollerblades, hip hop microphone, colorful speaker
  • Level 8 and above: Wishing coin, loaded dice, rollerblades, hip hop mic, penguin slippers

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