How to quickly improve your standings in MLB: The Show 22 Road to the Show

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MLB: Show 22 Road to the Show mode lets you create your own player and play your way up from Double-A-Ball to Major League. Your player starts with an OVR rating of 45 when you first start your journey in Road to the Show, so improving your rating can be a long process. So, how can you quickly increase your overall value in Road to the Show?

In order to increase your overall performance quickly, you need to do well in games, equip items, and choose helpful workouts on training days. Your overall standings are based on many individual stats in the pitching, fielding and batting categories. Depending on what position you’re playing, increasing certain individual stats will quickly increase your rating.

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If you’re a pitcher or a 2-way player, it’s pretty easy to improve your pitching stats with the right strategy and understanding how to increase attributes. A pitcher’s rating is determined by their pitching attributes and individual pitch attributes. Here are the pitching attributes and how to increase them.

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  • H/9 (Hits Allowed per Game) – Increase by allowing batters to make poor contact when hitting.
  • K/9 (Strikeouts per game) – Increase by getting Strikeouts.
  • BB/9 (Walks Allowed per Game) – Raised by short at-bats and no walks. Throwing in punches and forcing poor contact early on at bats is the best way to increase BB/9.
  • HR/9 (Home Runs per Game) – Raise by forcing poor contact on power hits and disallowing deep hits. HR/9 is a difficult attribute to control as hits often affect it negatively and sometimes poor contact does not affect it positively.
  • PCLT (Pitching Clutch) – Increase by getting out at key moments like runners in scoring positions or late innings at bats.

Pitching attributes can go up pretty quickly if you’re a pitcher and the gameplay isn’t too difficult. Difficulty level does not affect how much XP is earned and pitching difficulty can be adjusted. As such, it’s not a bad idea to start off at a lower difficulty level to improve your rating.


Fielding is the easiest area to increase attributes but can be the most difficult. Depending on which field position you play, you may not have many opportunities to improve attributes during gameplay. Field attributes that can be increased during gameplay include Reaction, Field Ability, Arm Accuracy, and Arm Strength. All of these can be boosted on pretty much any field opportunity.

To increase reaction, make sure you quickly aim the left stick at the ball path. If there are runners, increase your accuracy by throwing accurately at a base. However, missing catches, missing base rolls, and not responding to hits can also deplete attributes pretty quickly, so watch out.


Increasing batting attributes is fairly easy, but there are a few ways to boost your attributes very quickly. The main attributes for hitting are power, contact, vision and discipline. To increase power, either make good contact with regular swings or use the power swing, and to increase contact, be sure to use the contact swing. Vision and Discipline are attributes that are increased by not swinging on out-of-zone slots. Discipline will increase if you walk or don’t swing in certain situations like 0-3 counts.

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During practice days, train for attributes that you don’t typically increase or struggle with during gameplay. The workouts with mini-games reward the most XP, so try to do as many of them as possible. In addition to increasing attributes through workouts and gameplay, you can also equip your baller with earned items that increase attributes with your gear.

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