How to raid in Crusader Kings 3


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Raiding in CK3 (Crusader Kings 3) is a great way to earn gold without starting wars. This freedom comes with conditions, because you can only raid if you are one Unreformed Pagana tribal leaderor made the decision Increase the Kingdom of Mann & the Isles.

How to raid in CK3

Going into a raid is like going into a war. Go to Military menu find it on the right and select from there Raise all as Raiders Next Raise all armies. Now just tell them to go to an area you don’t own and they will start raiding you, which is exactly the same as sending an army to war.

Once a raid is in progress, you cannot remove your army from that province until a result is achieved. Raiders earn loot as soon as they succeed, but they must return home before adding it to your gold. Even if you are not at war, the province owner can attack your forces. If the army is decimated before returning home, its loot will be reclaimed by its rightful owner.

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What are the effects of raids in Crusader Kings 3?

Any province raided in Crusader Kings 3 is immune to raids for five years, but raids can in some ways be more devastating than war. Each invaded area receives debuffs, called maluses, for its construction time, earned taxes, and development growth.

How to sag in CK3 during a raid

Each raided province also has a chance to be pillaged. The player character has a 30% chance of pillaging a province when leading the army. If you plunder a province, you will gain more prestige, gold and even slaves, which greatly boosts your empire’s development growth.

Provinces that are pillaged are immune to pillage for 20 years, but receive major debuffs during this time.

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