How to see the final fireworks in Vampire Survivors and unlock the greatest anniversary

With Patch 1.0, Vampire Survivors has received an official final boss, ending with its full release. However, as with most other unlockables in the game, the ending is a mystery and requires some footwork. Luckily, below you can find the path to the final boss, the final fireworks and the biggest anniversary.

How to see the final fireworks in Vampire Survivors and unlock the greatest anniversary

How to reach the final boss in Vampire Survivors

You have to fulfill many requirements to reach the final boss:

  1. Eudaimonia M tier must be unlocked.
  2. You must find Gracias’ Mirror.
  3. You must also find the relic of the seventh trumpet.

After unlocking these, start a new run in Eudaimonia M and make sure to choose as strong a character as possible for the upcoming boss fight. Once inside, you’ll see a shadowy figure who turns out to be the Warden, the game’s final boss.

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How to beat the director in Vampire Survivors

The director guides you through the game’s many stages during combat, providing notable stages that bombard the player with various challenges.

  • phase one: The first phase of the fight takes place in the chamber of Eudaimonia M. There will be objects that revolve around the director. Killing these orbiting objects forces the director to move on to phase two. A fun/annoying feature of this phase is the director’s ability to force music on even if you’ve turned it off.
  • phase two: The second phase of combat begins to shift between phases of the game as more objects spawn and orbit around them. Like phase one, this phase is defeated by smashing the orbiting objects. However, be careful to avoid the floating skulls that will fly towards you.
  • phase three: Once again, the goal is to kill the orbiting objects around the Director. However, the graphics become much darker and more infernal, creating a menacing atmosphere within the frenetic combat. In addition, new attacks are introduced to test your movement skills.
  • phase four: Perhaps the toughest phase, Phase Four adds all of the previous phases while adding the White Reaper into the mix. Hopefully you have plenty of revives left as the White Reaper is sure to take some of them.
  • phase five: Although phase 5 looks unbeatable at first due to the huge amount of Reapers spawning and chasing you, don’t lose focus as these Reapers won’t hit your character with one shot. Stay away from them while kiting the White Reaper and dealing damage to the Director.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage to the director, phase five will end and the final fireworks will begin, and you’ll unlock the Greatest Jubilee weapon.

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