How to Unlock All M4 Attachments in MW2

The M4 is the first assault rifle players will get their hands on in Modern Warfare 2, but it’s also one of the most powerful. Due to its precision and high speed, the M4 is a weapon that many players would not want to be without. Of course, unlocking the best attachments for the weapon requires leveling other weapons to give the M4 what it needs. This is every attachment the M4 can use and how to unlock them in Modern Warfare 2.

How to Unlock All M4 Attachments in Modern Warfare 2

M4 attachments desired by players may vary as they are quite versatile in Modern Warfare 2. Players who want reduced recoil with high ADS speed may prefer a set of attachments over something that increases bullet speed and increases player movement speed. The best M4 builds require many different attachments from other weapons, and this helps keep track of where you can get each one.


Appendix weapon Even
Corvus Slash Gen 2 TAQ-56 5
Dark KX30 STB556 fifteen
VLK Koloss Flash hider Kastow 545 16
Broadhead 3DP Lachmann-556 6
Echoline GS-X TAQ-V 16
Harbinger D20 STB556 9
Echolos-80 TAQ-56 14
FSS obscured V HC 56 13
Gauge 9 mono Kastov-74u 17
RF crown 50 TAQ-56 16
Komodo heavy Lachmann-556 18
XTEN-ported 290 HC 56 16
FTAC Castle Comp 556 Icarus 10
XTEN Mayhem 90 Hastow 545 8th
SAKIN tread-40 STB556 4
C400 door knocker M16 5


Appendix weapon Even
14″ carabiner sheath M16 3
7.5″ Tempus Firebrand FTAC reconnaissance 18
Tempus Trench Pro M4 10
419mm EXF barrel FTAC reconnaissance 6
Hightower 20″ barrel M4 fifteen
11.5″ T-H4 barrel M4 4
11.5″ carabiner protection M16 9


Appendix weapon Even
SZ 1MW PEQ SP-R 208 2
Schlager PEQ Box IV signal 50 3
Corio LAZ-44 V3 MCRP-300 3
FSS OLE-V Laser EBR-14 10
Beveled Vibro-Dot 7 TAQ-56 10
1MW laser box M4 12
STOVL DR laser box Kastow 762 9
Corvus PEQ Beam-5 Lachmann-762 8th
FTAC Grimline Laser TAQ-V 5
Luminate-44 Sakin MG38 8th
DXS Flash 90 RAAL MG 4


Appendix weapon Even
SZ Mini Lachmann Sub 11
Cronen Mini Red Dot FSS hurricane 3
Cronen Mini Pro acceleration 12 7
SZ Sigma-IV X12 4
SZ-Minitac-40 SO-14 5
XRK to the point Bryson 890 5
DF105 reflex sight Kastov-74u 10
Monocle CT90 miniback 12
Corvus SOL-76 VE 46 5
SZ SRO-7 M16 11
SZ Lonewolf look M4 2
Kazan holo Kastow 545 7
Corvus Downrange-00 MX9 8th
SZ Holotherm PDSW528 12
XTEN Angel-40 TAQ-M 11
VLK 4.0 optics Kastow 762 4
Schlager 4X RAPP H 12
Forge TAC Delta 4 556 Icarus 9
Cronen Zero-P optics TAQ-56 4
SZ Bullseye optics SO-14 20
Schlager night view STB556 6
VX350 thermal RPK 7
Teplo OP3 area SA-B 50 9
DR582 hybrid sight Sakin MG38 5
Hybrid fire point Lachmann-762 14
SZ Vortex-90 VE 46 28
BPZ40 Hybrid TAQ-V 8th
Angel-40 4.8X RAAL MG 6
Thermal optics X9 Lachmann-556 14
Teplo Clear Shot HC 56 9
FTAC Charlie 7 SO-14 18
HM2-20 Lachmann-762 2
Luca Bandera scope Lockwood MK2 7
DREXSOM Prime-90 FTAC reconnaissance 12 12
Ares clear shot SO-14 12

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Appendix weapon Even
devastation-8 FTAC reconnaissance 8th
Demo Fade Pro Stock M4 19
Tempus P80 baton M4 11
Demo precision elite factory 556 Icarus 8th
Corio Precio factory M4 7
Demo D50 buffer tube M4 14

Rear handle

Appendix weapon Even
D15 handle M16 fifteen
SAKIN ZX grip M4 8th
XTEN grip FSS hurricane 5
phantom grip FSS hurricane 12
Supports CP90 handle FTAC reconnaissance fifteen


Appendix weapon Even
45 shot mag M4 5
60 rounds mag M4 17


Appendix weapon Even
5.56 Fragile PDSW528 21
5.56 Armor Breakthrough M4 9
5.56 overpressure +P TAQ-56 2
5.56 High speed STB556 7


Appendix weapon Even
Demo firm grip Lockwood MK2 9
XTEN gravediggers signal 50 9
FTAC Ripper 56 Lachmann-762 6
Demo Cleanshot 40 Plywood 300 8th
Demo IMP-44 grip TAQ-56 6
FSS Sharkfin 90 M4 6
agent grip X13 automatic 17
Bruen Sync Shooting Grip PDSW528 22
XTEN drop handle STB556 8th
Phase 3 grip Vasnev-9K 9
Merc foregrip TAQ-V 6
Lockgrip Precision 49 Lachmann Sub 9
Schlager Tango Kastow 762 7
VX Pineapple 556 Icarus 14
OP-X9 foregrip EBR-14 6
operator foregrip Vel 46 3
TV Wrecker Grip HC 56 10
Bruen tilt handle TAQ-56 13
Cronen Grooveshot grip Bryson 800 7
Bruen warrior grip Sakin MG38 12
Bipod V9 grip TAQ-V 19
Level aim bipod SP-R 208 8th
Cornerstone bipod MCRP-300 19
XTEN Steady shot Victus XMR 6
Hell Scream 40mm TAQ-56 fifteen
Corvus master key Kastow 545 18

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