Huggy Wuggy police warning goes viral on TikTok and YouTube

huggy wuggy police alert


Huggy Wuggy

What is Huggy Wuggy’s police alert?

It came from a UK police unit in Dorset, but Snopes, the fact-checking website, believes the original report, which was circulated on TikTok and YouTube, is not entirely true.

Huggy Wuggy is a horror character.

Here’s what you need to know:

A British news site quotes concerned parents

A reputable British news site called Sky News ran a story about Huggy Wuggy. The story, which is dated April 5, 2022, reads, “Parents are cautioned to be extra vigilant about seemingly funny videos depicting a menacing character with razor-sharp teeth.”

According to Sky News, the character “is from a survival horror game called Poppy Playtime” and has appeared in YouTube videos that “seem to have slipped through parental controls.”

“Poppy Playtime first appeared on Steam and was developed by indie developer MOB Games,” explained Sky News, noting that the video gamer is a “former employee who revisits an abandoned toy factory” after all the employees there disappeared .

The character frightens some children. One mother told Sky News “that her three-year-old tried to jump out of a window after watching the videos,” the channel reported.

The channel reported that one school, West View Primary School in Hartlepool, expressed concern to parents that Huggy Wuggy was “singing worrying songs about hugging and killing”.

The school’s statement read, according to Sky News: “In one of the videos, the bear asks the viewer to take his last breath. It is a very deceptive character as hugs should be seen as something kind and loving and due to its name is capable of infiltrating firewalls and filters.”

A YouTube spokesman told Sky News: “These videos are not available on YouTube Kids. Additionally, all of our parental controls on YouTube Kids are free for parents to customize their child’s experience and allow them to control what they can and can’t see. This includes the ability to manually select content, choose content tiers by age, block content, and more.”

Snopes called it a “bloated controversy”

Fact checking site Snopes called the Huggy Wuggy scare a “bloated controversy.”

The caption reads, “Huggy Wuggy Police Warning Prompt misleading rumors about TikTok and YouTube Kids.”

The police perspective comes from an April 1, 2022 article on Dorset Live, which reads: “Dorset Police warn of bear Huggy Wuggy singing songs about killing.”

The article states: “The clips pass through social media security barriers because of their titles, but the reality of their content is very troubling. Bear Huggy Wuggy, armed with sharp teeth, sings songs about hugging and killing.”

The site quotes Dorset Police as saying:

The blue bear-like figure has long arms and rows of razor-sharp teeth. Set in an abandoned toy factory, Huggy is an in-game villain who haunts players in unreachable places. Videos of the game can be viewed on YouTube, with other clips dedicated to Huggy in songs. One song contains the lyrics “I could hug you here forever until you take your last breath together”.

Dorset Live quoted Dorset Police Cyber-Protect Officer Chris Conroy as saying: “There are videos that people have made, songs that people have made and it’s popping up and using it all over YouTube and Tik Tok quite graphic images of this bear-like figure with razor-sharp teeth. It’s based on jump scares and things we certainly don’t want kids to be exposed to.”

Snopes investigated and found that some parents in the UK had reported their children “reciting phrases from unofficial online videos featuring Huggy Wuggy. One story told of a kid trying to jump out of a window after watching the videos.”

Snopes could not confirm that the videos were available to younger users via YouTube Kids or TikTok. According to Snopes, Huggy Wuggy “does not sing any songs in ‘Poppy Playtime,’ nor has MOB Games made official videos of the character singing.” One song referenced in connection with the controversy was made by a fan, according to Snopes.

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