Is Genshin Impact worth it to win?

Genshin Impact has raked in over $3 billion in mobile revenue alone and is clearly raking in big bucks for developer HoYoverse, which has recently turned its attention to other projects, from new games to massive technology investments.

The game’s financial success stems from its gacha system – a gambling pool that encourages players to spend real money on draws. Each draw gives players the chance to earn a coveted five-star character or weapon that will be heavily marketed ahead of release to create cravings. New units are coming into the pool for a limited time to provide a sense of urgency: draw now or wait months for your favorite character to rerun.

With the ability to further improve characters and weapons by acquiring multiple copies, players are even more compelled to spend money to be the best. But despite this conflicting monetization strategy, the gacha model isn’t always pay-to-win. It all boils down to implementation, raising the question of whether Genshin Impact has managed to create a model that is free for players under its expensive banners.

Can you play Genshin Impact without spending any money?

Genshin Impact is not a pay to win gamewhich means, that Players can enjoy it without spending real money. The main reason is that Genshin doesn’t have PvP System – a game mode that encourages the character meta to move quickly, pushing players to the brink of financial competition. Additionally, Genshin Impact’s character pool is balanced, allowing players to choose characters they like, removing the pressure of drawing for specific units.

While getting copies of characters and weapons improves their abilities, it’s entirely optional. Competing players may feel compelled to shell out money for these copies, but the reality is this Gameplay will not be affected without constellations or refinements.

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How to drag free-to-player characters in Genshin Impact?

All characters and weapons can be drawn with a so-called premium currency prime gem, which are available for free through codes, events, and general gameplay rewards. In a month running only Daily Commissions, players can earn around 1,800 Primogems – enough for 11 turns in the gacha. Plenty of events and content keep the Primogem supply going.

Since new banner releases are announced in advance, players have plenty of time to save up for them. A pity system has also been introduced for characters and weapons, allowing players to calculate the exact number of Primogems they need for a guaranteed turn.

Do you pay for cosmetics in Genshin Impact?

Sorry player must pay for cosmetics in Genshin Impact. Outfits can be purchased in the shop using Genesis Crystals – a currency that can only be purchased with real money. On the plus side, the Blessing of the Welkin Moon, a $5 per month subscription, grants a bonus of 300 Genesis Crystals in addition to a daily Primogem payout. Since Genshin Impact rarely releases cosmetics, it’s possible to save up for an outfit at some point by regularly purchasing the Welkin Moon every month.

Furthermore, only five star character outfits cost Genesis Crystals. While four-star outfits can also be purchased with this currency, they are available for free by participating in events.

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